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    How do you impact the future? How can you shape direction? How do you guide decisions? All three questions can be answered with one word—vote. 

    Voting is one of the most important rights maintained as American citizens. It is an opportunity that past and present generations have fought to preserve. Exercising that privilege is a guaranteed way to ensure your voice is heard in governmental matters. But you have to be a registered voter to participate in the process.  

    The people you elect decide how much to fund public schools, and more.

     §   Let’s move Texas out of last place in voter turnout! 

    Please vote to show your support of the more than 5.4 million Texas school children.


     Check your voter registration status:

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    Can anyone vote early to avoid lines on Election Day?

    Yes, early voting is easy and even preferred by many voters. If you are new to a community and uncertain which precinct you reside within, early voting is the way to go.

    Remember, any registered voter may vote early in person. Registered voters may vote at any early voting location in their county of residence. To find out specific locations in each county, go online to:

    Alternatively, you may do an Internet search for Early Voting Locations in ____ County.

    Polling place hours vary at each early voting location.


    What do I need to take to vote?

    Bring your registration card and a valid ID* (Texas driver’s license, DPS-issued election ID, U.S. passport, military ID, concealed handgun license) to show to the election official. If you have misplaced or lost the voter registration card, don’t panic. Take your ID to the polls. The election official has information on all registered voters and will check your address and ID against the official list.
    You may bring with you any paperwork you choose to help you vote. Just don’t display it publically within 100 feet of the polling location. Just stick it in your pocket or purse and pull it out when you are actually voting. You may print a sample ballot and bring that with you too. Cell phones are not allowed at the polls.

    More info about voting in Texas: 


    Where to Vote?

    In some counties, voters may cast a ballot at any poll in the county. But in most Texas counties, on Election Day persons must vote at their precinct poll. Your precinct number is on the bottom of your voter registration card. To find the address of the polling place for your precinct, check the local newspapers close to the election date or call the County Clerk or County Elections Administrator to find the polling location.

    Matagorda County's County Clerk 

    1700 7th Street, Room 202 
    Bay City, TX 77414-5094

    (979)244-7680   Fax (979)244-7688  

    For more information, call the Secretary of State’s office toll free number 1-800-252-VOTE (8683).

    School Board election info for May 2, 2020 election...

    Where to vote on election day in Matagorda County for March 3, 2020 primary: 

    Matagorda County Election Info website: