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    Formed in May of 2019, the Bay City ISD Education Foundation is a community-led, non-profit charitable corporation organized for the purpose of supporting educational excellence at Bay City ISD schools. We seek to enhance student achievement, to recognize exemplary staff involvement and to foster community support and involvement at Bay City schools. The Foundation has applied the paperwork for tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Upon approval of this status, all individual donations to the Foundation will be tax-exempt for federal income tax purposes.

    The Foundation Board is composed of a diverse group of volunteers, including Bay City alumni, former teachers, and parents of past and present students. Board members work in a variety of fields, and each brings a unique perspective and skill-set to the Foundation. Additionally, having a member of the BCISD Board of Trustees as a member of the Board of Directors ensures that the Foundation remains attuned to the needs of the District.

    As a charitable organization separate and distinct from Bay City ISD, the Foundation works to:

    • cultivate innovation and creative involvement to benefit Bay City ISD students and staff
    • enhance the mission of the School District
    • support activities and programs not funded by tax revenues

    We hope that you will take an active role in supporting the Bay City ISD Education Foundation as we seek to provide unique and innovative educational opportunities for the students of Bay City ISD.


    Board of Directors

    Elizabeth Hewitt, President

    Kaye Orr, Vice President

    Caroline Hawes Dickerson, Secretary

    Barbara Sliva, Treasurer

    Helen McAda

    Bruce Krauskopf

    Shelly Grimes

    Robert K. Nelson

    Sherry Barton

    Thomas F. Orsak Jr.

    Yolanda Betancourt

    Tami Savage

    Brett Garcia

    Matthew Sloan

    Amy Ging

    Barbara Gordon

    Trent Tinnin, BCISD Board of Trustees representative

    Allison Sliva, District Liaison


    For more information: elizabeth@wardre.com

    P.O. Box 2007, Bay City, TX  77404


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    All individual and corporate financial contributions are used to support the funding programs of the

    Foundation. Please consult your tax advisor regarding eligible tax deductions. No goods or services can be

    provided, in whole or in part, in exchange for your contribution.


    • Cash or check donations for the current year and for

    future years operations

    • Real estate donations (land, homes, buildings)

    • Retirement and insurance policies

    • Royalties from oil and gas production

    • Volunteer support

    • Gifts of other appreciated assets

    • Planned gifts and bequests

    • In-kind donation of goods or services


    Various ways you can support the Foundation in the

    future include:

    • Real Estate

    • Life Insurance

    • Cash

    • Retirement Plan Assets

    • Charitable Remainder Trust

    • Charitable Gift Annuity

    • Retained Life Estate

    • Charitable Lead Trust

    • Wealth Replacement Trust