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    Investigating Careers in Computer Science

    Like the foundation of a building, computer science and coding is the framework that supports many elements of the world we live in. From security and banking to shopping, travel and social media, we interact with computers and the code that controls them every day. As with any new language, the sooner students are exposed to coding, the easier it will be to develop fluency and apply these skills to a broad range of careers.

    Students learn essential coding concepts such as syntax and sequence to create a product or describe a process, then receive an introduction to coding in Python that uses fun and engaging project-based lessons to teach students core concepts in Python and game design.

    The majority of the course is project-based learning. Students utilize higher-order thinking and critical thinking.

    Students have the opportunity to both develop 21st century skills and actively investigate career and college opportunities. By the time these students enter high school, each has had an opportunity to establish a four-year plan that details the requirements for different career paths and colleges of interest.

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