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    Investigating careers in STEM/Robotics Programming & Design

    Some of the coursework included in the course:

    Students work with an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV). They demonstrate the correct operation of an ROV and also inspect and assess the ROV operation. They make adjustments to the ROV to complete presented tasks as well as explore careers in the STEM career cluster.

    Students work with a partner to compete in one of three rocket engineering challenges: soaring to the highest altitude, carrying a payload to the highest altitude, or achieving the longest flight time. He or she follows the engineering design process to design and build a rocket that meets the given challenge constraints and specifications. During the design process, students apply knowledge gained about aerodynamics and the forces that act on rockets. While competing in the challenge, students use properties of triangles to calculate rocket apogee. After the competition, they evaluate the rocket’s performance and make design improvements

    Students explore the environmental impact on plant growth cycles using different growth methods for a scientific research company. The company does small-scale experiments using terrariums to conduct research for companies that are interested in long-term space exploration.

    Students assist in the design of a store’s new outlet by helping the owner make decisions about genetically modified produce. Students research biotechnology, evaluate sources of information for validity, and make recommendations for the store justified by valid evidence that he or she has collected.

    Career Connections:

    • Farmers
    • Food Scientists
    • Forensic Science Technicians
    • Genetic Counselors
    • Medical Scientists
    • Ranchers
    • Sales Managers
    • Aerodynamic Engineer
    • Physicists
    • Propulsion Engineers
    • Rocket Scientists
    • Agriculture Scientists
    • Agriculture Workers
    • Conservationists
    • Foresters
    • Grounds Maintenance Workers
    • Commercial Divers
    • Electrical and Electronic Equipment Assemblers
    • Electromechanical Technicians
    • Hydrologists
    • Marine Engineers
    • Photographers

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