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    Health Science Tech

    Some of the coursework includes:

    Students learn to properly take and record vital signs using digital medical equipment, specifically temperature, pulse, oxygen levels, respiration rate, and blood pressure. They learn to fill out various medical forms related to patient care as well as explore careers in the Health Science cluster such as radiological technicians, certified nursing assistants, MRI technologists, registered nurses, physical therapists, and hospitalists.

    Students learn about the levels of organization in living organisms. They study the body’s systems and how they work together to keep a person alive. The engineering challenge involves building a model of a human’s lung and diaphragm system and then using this knowledge to determine design requirements for an artificial human lung.

    Students assist in the design of a store’s new outlet by helping the owner make decisions about genetically modified produce. Students research biotechnology, evaluate sources of information for validity, and make recommendations for the store justified by valid evidence that he or she has collected.

    Students learn about the classification system and explore different types of small single-cell organisms using a microscope. Their challenge is to use a small lens to create a microscope using a camera from an electronic device such as a cell phone or tablet. The microscope is used to gather data after a disaster.

    Career Connections:

    • Certified Nursing Assistants
    • Hospitalists
    • MRI Technologists
    • Physical Therapists
    • Radiological Technicians
    • Registered Nurses
    • Firefighters
    • Medical Assistants
    • Medical Lab Technicians
    • Nurse Anesthetists
    • Occupational Health and Safety Specialists
    • Respiratory Therapists
    • Farmers
    • Food Scientists
    • Forensic Science Technicians
    • Genetic Counselors
    • Medical Scientists
    • Ranchers
    • Sales Managers
    • Agricultural and Food Scientists
    • Biological Technicians
    • Epidemiologists
    • Food Preparation Workers
    • Forensic Science Technicians
    • Health and Safety Engineers
    • Health Educators and Community Health Workers
    • Microbiologists

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