• Bay City Scholars

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    Matagorda County Fair and Livestock Association -- rodeo tickets

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    Who are the Bay City Scholars?

    Recognizing that the ongoing success of our high school graduates and the continuing economic strength of Texas is based on the educational achievements of our young people, Bay City Scholars encourages high school students to build a strong academic foundation that will prepare them for the future.

    This requires the support of the local community and its leaders to motivate high school students for life beyond their senior prom and graduation. By communicating real world expectations to students and providing various incentives, the Bay City Scholars program helps students to have a better understanding of what awaits them beyond high school.
    The program emphasizes completing the Recommended Graduation Plan, with more exposure to Foreign Language and stepping up to Advanced Placement Courses and/or Dual Enrollment Courses. By satisfactorily completing these courses with a 70 average or better, students can expect to compete in the high technology, global economy of the future. Students who graduate as Bay City Scholars tend to finish stronger academically, score higher on standardized testing and college entrance exams, succeed in college at higher rates, and earn higher salaries over time.
    Bay City Scholars supports the philosophy that "Opportunities come to those who are best prepared!"


    * Bay City Scholars have more choices! They are more suited for the competitive job market, or for entering a college, university, or school of technology.
    * Bay City Scholars can get better jobs! Members of the program, while in high school and after graduating, have skills that make them valued employees because they are hard workers who accept challenges.
    * Bay City Scholars receive special recognition from their community! Bay City Scholar students, who set themselves to succeed, are recognized their junior and senior years of high school by business and community leaders with a variety of incentives, designed to peak their senior year.

    These vary from year to year, and occur with more frequency for junior and senior Bay City Scholars. Some of the many incentives have included: Reward Card, Senior T-shirt, Junior Off-Campus Lunch Privileges, Free admission into all regular-season BCISD athletic events (except football), Matagorda County Fair Rodeo Ticket, Lions Club Rice Festival Gate Pass, Newspaper Recognition, Miniature Diploma, Breakfast Banquet, Graduation Medallion...

    Required Curriculum & Credits for Class of 2020, 2021, & 2022:

    English - 4 credits
    English I, II, III, IV, English I or II Honors, or English III or IV Advanced Placement

    Mathematics - 3 credits
    Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Plus one from Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics AP

    Social Studies - 3 credits
    U.S. History, Government, World Geography, World History, Economics

    Science - 3 credits
    Biology, Chemistry, Physics, plus one from Anatomy/Physiology, Aquatic Science, Forensic Science, Biology II, Chemistry II, or  Physics II

    Foreign Language - 3 credits  (from the same language)

    Fine Arts - 1 credit

    Physical Education - 1 credit (Students may earn no more than two units of credit in physical education toward state graduation requirements.)

    Professional Communications - .5 credits

    Endorsement Electives - 4.5 credits

    Total Requirements - 26 credits

    ***Graduation plan must include 4 Advanced Placement or Dual Credit courses, or a combination of 4 AP & Dual courses, within 4 years. (This is the equivalent of 8 semesters.)

    Updated requirements for Class of 2023 and beyond coming soon...