Volunteer program

  • The New Bay City ISD Voly Volunteer System is OPEN FOR REGISTRATION

    Any volunteers who wish to volunteer in our schools and who will have contact with students must register online via Voly. PTO members, Booster Club members, Mentors -- anyone on school grounds who has contact with students must register.

    VOLY will send you customized e-mails with opportunities that may interest you for volunteering, but only if you are sure to check off in the registration process those schools where you're interested in volunteering. 

    Please note: do not use Internet Explorer as your browser when using VOLY. Use a different browser. Please read this entire page, and note the link to FAQ's further down this page.

    The following steps must be completed:

    1. Click on the link https://baycityisd.voly.org

    2. There is a Create a Volunteer Account form on the front page.

    3. Volunteers will create a Voly account by entering the required information on the home page.

    4. Once logged in, the volunteer will be taken straight to the volunteer application.

    5. The volunteer will need to complete the fields on the volunteer application, including the Consent for Background Check.

    6. Once the volunteer hits Submit/Save, he/she will be taken straight to the Orientation Slides. The volunteer will need to review each slide and click the check box at the end to acknowledge they have read it all.

    7. Volunteers can always go back to their applications to see their status (for the background check). Log back in at https://baycityisd.voly.org and click on "My Dashboard" at the top of the page, then see "My Applications." An approved or denied email will be sent when the background check has been completed. A volunteer with an “approved” status will receive a confirmation email directing them to log into their VOLY account to begin to sign up for volunteer opportunities. A volunteer with non-clearance status will be directed to the Communications Office. ***Applications may take up to 72 hours for approval. 

    Please note -

    Beginning this school year, volunteer check-in will be a 2-part process. Volunteers will check in with Raptor AND VOLY. Raptor requires the use of a photo ID and VOLY requires the use of the volunteer’s email address. A volunteer will turn in their visitor’s badge to the front desk when their volunteer assignment is complete

    Volunteers must sign in and sign out every time the volunteer is at the campus for the following reasons:

    • Safety - In the event of an emergency, it will become crucial to know who is at the school and where.
    • Compliance - it allows BCISD to comply with state reporting requirements from House Bill 5 as it is an indicator of the degree of family and community engagement.
    • Program Evaluation - It enables the District or a school to evaluate its volunteer program.
    • Grants - It is a qualifying factor for certain monetary grants that benefit all of the students in the District.      

    If there  are questions or concerns, please contact the Voly BCISD District Administrator, Allison Sliva, at asliva@baycityisd.org. Allow 48 hours for feedback on your request. Requests made on a Friday will receieve feedback on Tuesday before 5 PM. Feedback will not be provided during district holidays.

    Click here to go to Voly FAQ's 



    History of the Volunteer Program
    In 1975, the BCISD Board of Education unanimously approved a pilot volunteer program at Cherry Elementary, called CARES (Community Action Reaching Every Student). It began with 31 volunteers. Since that time thousands of volunteers have provided the district with hundreds of thousands of service  hours.
    The continued success of the volunteer program requires the enthusiastic support of the school administration and faculty and a reliable volunteer organization. Each school determines what its needs are. Then in consultation with the volunteer, campus coordinators determine the kinds of services to be provided to meet those needs. No program is initiated unless the principal approves and volunteers are assigned to only those teachers who ask for them.

    How can I help?
    Becoming actively involved in education at the local level can help influence the direction and quality of education for students. Children are dependent on an involved and caring community to provide quality education. Your involvement can make all the difference.
    Through their commitment, unique talents, caring and expertise, BCISD volunteers enrich the educational experience for all of our students. Volunteers help extend tax dollars by contributing many hours of work to the district, and most importantly, they help prepare students to become successful citizens in the local, national and international community.

    Program goals
    * to relieve the teacher of non-professional chores, thus providing more time for instruction
    * to offer individual help to children who are not working well in a group situation
    * to enrich the school program by making available the talents and resources of the community
    * to stimulate an informed community to more actively support public education

    Who can volunteer?
    Being a good volunteer doesn’t require any special education or degree. The best volunteers are those who:
    Have the time to give and the desire to serve.
    Are friendly, reliable and flexible.
    Love children - even those who are the most difficult to love - they need it the most.
    Are enthusiastic and cooperative.
    Have a professional attitude and interest in education.
    Feel a deep obligation as a citizen to support and help our schools.
    Are consistent and dependable in fulfilling their commitment.                                    

    The volunteers are coordinated by the BCISD Communications Department, and is a joint undertaking by the schools and the community. The Chief Communications Officer works directly through the principals and their faculties and is accountable to the superintendent. All volunteers are registered through the baycityisd.voly.org link and undergo background checks as required by state law.