• Dates and Times:

    • The new dates for AP exams are May 6 - May 16. Exams will be given in shifts each day at precisely 8am and 12pm CST.
    • More information on the schedule and testing details will come later this year.


    Test Format:


    Exam Security:

    More informaiton will be available later this year.

    Click here for more information on exam security


    Online Preparation for AP Test:

    Right now, many free resources for learning and studying are available to students online through the students’ College Board accounts at myap.collegeboard.org. The College Board is also offering daily review sessions for each course on their YouTube ChannelStudents may choose to use these resources, but are not required by their AP teachers to do so.


    Prepare for AP Test:

    In addition to preparing for the content and skills tests for your AP exam, all AP student are expected to practice logging into his or her College Board account.

    • Make sure you know your username and password. You need to access your account with no troubleshooting. 
    • Check your “Account Settings” and be sure the email address you have on file with the College Board is up to date and accurate
    • Make sure all personal information including legal name (if you have two surnames make sure they are present) and birthdate are correct.  *Make the necessary changes prior to the AP test.  You might have to call College Board.
    • If you are a student who is planning to attend a postsecondary institution (college, university, etc.), be sure to click on your “AP Profile” and click on the header labeled “Score Send.” Enter the name of the college or university you plan to attend so that College Board will send all of your AP scores. This is how the college or university awards you college credit and/or advanced placement at their school.


    Testing Accommodations:

    If students who applied for and were approved for accommodations through College Board, due to an IEP and 504 plan, will automatically receive them.  For instance, the accommodation extended time will automatically included by College Board adjusting the time for each section of the test. Accommodations were applied for and approved or denied in February.