Stranger Danger Tips

  • What is stranger danger?

    "Stranger danger" is the idea or warning that all strangers can potentially be dangerous. It is an example of a moral panic that people experience regarding anyone that they are unfamiliar with in society. The phrase is intended to encapsulate the danger associated with adults whom children do not know.

    How do you stop stranger danger?

    Use the buddy system, and avoid walking anywhere alone. Review contact telephone numbers and home safety practices. When seeking help, always go to a trusted adult – teacher, coach, police officer, other parent, or older siblings. If a stranger grabs you, do everything you can to stop him or her from pulling you away.


    • When out and about, you and your friends need to always take care and be aware of strangers.
    • Watch Out for Strangers in Cars - Watch out for cars that follow you. Never approach a stranger sitting in a car. Never get into a car with a stranger.
    • When Using a Computer - Be careful whom you talk to. Do not give out your name or address to strangers.
    • Never tell anyone that you’re home alone.
    • Never answer the door alone even if your parents are home. Do not invite strangers into your home.
    • When answering the telephone and it’s someone that you do not know, always let your parents talk to them. Do not trust what strangers tell you on the telephone and never tell a stranger your name and address.
    • When playing outside, always play in an area where your parents can see you. Never approach or talk to a stranger who comes into your yard. If someone makes you feel unsafe, go back inside and tell your parents.
    • Know a Safe Zone. If someone makes you feel unsafe, always run to a safe zone. A safe zone is a place that has someone whom you can trust and talk to.
    • Yell & Tell - Never be afraid to tell a stranger NO!
    • If a stranger makes you feel unsafe, always Yell & Tell. Always yell "HELP" or "I DON’T KNOW YOU" to get someone’s attention.