• Our Learner Profile

    Persistent, Inclusive, Determined, Persuasive, Courageous, Defender, Humble,  Supportive, Selfless, Motivated, Righteous, Character, Organized, Conscientious 

    Situationally aware, Growth mindset, Open-minded, Persistent, Grit, Deductive, Desire,  Collaborative, Curious, Risk-taker, Adaptive, Analytical, Courageous, Reflective, Creative,  Demonstrates solution-based performance, Problem-solver 

    Communicates effectively using all types of media, Communicates effectively verbally and nonverbally, Networks and collaborates with others, Open-minded, Receives and  provides constructive criticism, Listens, Confidentiality, Respectful, Seeks clarification,  Transparency

    Collaborative, Cooperative, Stays connected, Sympathize, Goal-oriented, Approachable,  Open-minded, Responsible, Listens to others, Respectful, Flexible, Communicative,  Partnership, Sympathetic 

    Work Ethic 
    Presentation, Uses diverse language, Collaborative, Flexible, Open-minded, Forecasts,  Strategic thinker, Accountable, Punctual, Dependable, Completes tasks, Respectful,  Responsible, Persistent, Integrity, Meets commitments, Meets deadlines 

    Adaptable, Respectful, Intellectually curious, Lifelong learner 

    Equipped for Life 
    Focused, Self-disciplined, Confident, Integrity, Perseverance