• Our Goals and Specific Results

Our Goals

  • 1. We will engage parents and community members by providing opportunities for developing positive relationships in academic and non-academic settings. 
    2. We will develop a systematic approach that builds relationships among students, staff and parents through a collaborative effort to accomplish our call to action.
    3. We will establish a positive school and classroom culture by continuously teaching and modeling respect among all students, personnel and community.
    4. We will integrate the most up-to-date technology district-wide, to enhance student development, growth and learning.
    5. We will integrate instructional practices that develop learning environments that are applicable to real-world experiences.
    6. We will recruit, attract, retain and train diverse high-quality staff to carry out the district’s beliefs, goals and call to action.

Specific Results

  • Goal 1:​ Parent and Community Engagement 

  • Goal 2: Systematic Approach 

  • Goal 3: Positive Culture 

  • Goal 4: Technology 

  • Goal 5: Instructional Practices 

  • Goal 6: High Quality Staff