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          The Bay City Independent School District's Mentoring Program began as a pilot program on two campuses in 1991. Today, the program exists on all five BCISD campuses.
           There are many barriers that students face which limit their ability to succeed. Students may have language or economic hardships, or may be doing without resources such as emotional, mental or physical support systems.
           The BCISD Mentoring Program is designed to provide mentors for selected students who desperately need individualized attention in order to succeed to their full potential. By providing a positive, one-on-one relationship with an adult role model, just one hour a week, the district has seen mentored children having more positive feelings about themselves, their classmates, and the value of education.
           The Bay City Independent School District is committed to the district-wide effort to keep these children from becoming  dropout statistics.

    How do I become a Mentor?

    Register via our online registration process through EZVolunteer

    You will then be sent a link to an online application form

    Attend a training (TBA)

    Mentors are given the opportunity to select their preference of campuses, day to mentor, time to mentor, gender of the child, ethnicity of the child, as well as the age of the child they wish to mentor.

    Benefits. . .

    To you and your organization

    - Rewarding and satisfying experiences for your employees
    - An investment in tomorrow's leaders, employees and consumers
    - Visibility and recognition for valued community service"
    - Personal satisfaction from making a contribution
    - Greater understanding of the quality and needs of our public schools

    To the students

    - Higher self-esteem
    - Identification with successful role models
    - Increased motivation resulting in improved achievement and attendance

    To the teachers

    - Improved morale
    - Assistance in special areas
    - Fewer discipline concerns
    - Improved classroom grades

    To the community

    - Strong public school system
    - Reduction in the number of dropouts
    - Well-prepared work force
    - Increased civic cooperation

     For more information, to volunteer, or to schedule a presentation to your business or organization about the mentoring program, contact:

    Bay City Independent School District
    520 7th Street
    Bay City, TX 77414
    (979) 401-1083