Community Service

  • The Bay City ISD Police Department is staffed by certified Texas Peace Officers who are familiar with many of the community's concerns. These officers are trained in all facets of proactive crime prevention, traffic safety, and narcotic and alcohol detection. These officers work diligently along with community members to reduce fear and provide a safe school environment for all students, teachers and administrators.

    In addition to their crime prevention roles, all Bay City ISD Police Officers will be industrious in generating an array of educational programs for all students on their respective campuses as the year progresses.  At the elementary and junior high levels, the programs will include Bullying Prevention, Gun Safety, How to Avoid Peer Pressure, and the effects of Drug and Alcohol Abuse. At the high school and junior high levels, the programs will include Internet Safety, Cyber Bullying, and How to Detect and Avoid Sexual Predators.