Juvenile Curfew


    Who does the curfew apply to?
    The curfew is in effect for all youth under the age of 16.

    What are the hours of the curfew?
    On school days: 9 AM - 3 PM
    Sunday - Thursday: 11 PM - 6 AM
    Friday & Saturday: Midnight - 6 AM

    Are there any exceptions?
    The following exceptions are taken into consideration when a youth is contacted after curfew hours:

    * with a parent or authorized adult
    * to/from place of work
    * to/from church, school or other place of assembly or worship
    * an emergency errand

    What happens if my child is found out after curfew?
    If your child is contacted by police for a curfew violation, he/she will be issued a warning for the first offense and issued a citation if the youth has previously received a written warning for curfew violation.