• Bay City ISD Awarded $160,000 Learning Acceleration Support Opportunities Grant

    Posted by Leigh Arlitt on 2/9/2024

    Bay City Independent School District (BCISD) is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a Learning Acceleration Support Opportunities grant in the amount of $160,000 from the Texas Education Agency (TEA). This funding will support BCISD's efforts to develop a long-term instructional framework aimed at accelerating student learning.

    The grant will enable BCISD to implement targeted interventions and support systems to help accelerate students' academic skills. The funds will also be used to provide professional development opportunities for teachers and staff to enhance their instructional practices and better meet the diverse needs of all students.

    "We are thrilled to receive this grant from the Texas Education Agency," said Dr. Dwight McHazlett, Superintendent of Bay City ISD. "This funding will be instrumental in our efforts to provide high-quality, targeted, and purposeful support to our students. We are committed to ensuring that all students have the resources and support they need to succeed, and this grant will play a crucial role in that mission."

    The Learning Acceleration Support Opportunities grant is part of TEA's Strong Foundations program, which aims to provide additional resources to school districts to support student learning and academic achievement.

    For more information about the grant and BCISD's plans for the funding, please visit the TEA website at https://tea.texas.gov/academics/instructional-materials/strong-foundations.

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  • Bay City ISD Secures $4 Million Clean School Bus Grant for Electric Fleet Replacement

    Posted by Leigh Arlitt on 2/1/2024

    Bay City ISD Secures $4 Million Clean School Bus Grant for Electric Fleet Replacement

    Bay City Independent School District (BCISD) is pleased to announce the successful receipt of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2023 Clean School Bus Grant. This grant will enable BCISD to replace 10 school buses from an aging fleet with state-of-the-art electric buses.

    Highlights of the grant include:

    • Acquisition of 10 electric buses from The Lion Electric
    • Distinction as one of only three school districts in the state of Texas to be awarded this grant in the current Lion Electric round of applications.
    • This grant not only covers the costs of procuring the electric buses but also extends support for the necessary charging infrastructure. 

    The electric buses, a sustainable alternative to traditional diesel vehicles, will be integrated into our fleet to serve general routes, promoting cleaner transportation for our students. To ensure versatility, BCISD will continue to maintain diesel buses in the fleet to accommodate long-distance travel requirements.

    BCISD is proud to have received a letter of utility coordination affirmation from AEP Texas, and we look forward to collaborating closely with them as we embark on the implementation of these electric buses. We aim to integrate the new buses into our fleet by early 2025; however, the specific implementation date is yet to be determined.

    BCISD Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Dwight McHazlett, Jr., emphasized the importance of this grant stating, "Similar to many school districts across the state, BCISD is faced with the challenge of replacing an aging school bus fleet as costs and inflation continue to increase rapidly. This grant was a great opportunity for BCISD to address the need without using local tax dollars to cover approximately $4M for buses and infrastructure covered in the grant. Last year we purchased two new diesel-engine buses using a separate allotment which also avoided the use of local tax dollars offsetting an additional cost of approximately $277,000. Replacing 12 buses in our fleet, without using local tax dollars, is significant considering school funding was not adequately addressed in the last legislative session.”

    This grant represents a significant milestone for BCISD, showcasing our dedication to providing safe transportation for our students, while still continuing to be fiscally responsible and accountable to the taxpayer. We express our gratitude to the EPA for their support and look forward to the positive impact this initiative will have on our community.

    Have questions? Reach out to Leigh Arlitt, Chief Communications Officer, larlitt@baycityisd.org or 979-401-1010


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  • BCHS 'HOLD' Status

    Posted by Victoria Bragg on 9/8/2023
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  • Sgt. Heather Lewis promoted to Lieutenant of BCISD Police

    Posted by Victoria Bragg on 7/28/2022
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