• Financial Incentive

    Bay City ISD is proud to offer financial incentives to our high school students taking Dual Credit courses. 

    Reimbursement rate for final grades:

    A - $100    B - $75    C - $50


    Courses paid for without scholarship/ financial aid are eligible for partial reimbursement. 

    For 2022-2023 reimbursement, this form must be submitted by 3:00pm - January 13th for Fall Semester and May 25th for Spring Semester. Late or incomplete forms will not be accepted and students/ families will forfeit reimbursement for that semester. 


    All requests for reimbursement must include:

    Completed BCHS Incentive for Dual Credit Performance form 

    Account summary of payment (copy of each institution if taking classes from WCJC and UHV)

    Copy of final grade summary (copy for each institution if taking classes from WCJC and UHV)


    Procedure for Dual Credit Incentive Forms:

    1.  Information is distributed to all students and parents at the start of each semester with clear deadlines and copies of forms.
    2.  A Dual Credit reimbursement form will also be made available on the BCHS website.
    3. It is 100% student responsibility to complete a form and attach the necessary paperwork by deadline.  NO LATE or INCOMPLETE forms will be accepted.  LATE OR INCOMPLETE forms forfeit the right to incentives. 
    4. Students will turn in forms with documentation to a counselor.
    5. Assigned BCHS administrators will check forms for accuracy and complete attachments.  Forms that are incomplete or do not have attachments will be returned to students.  BCHS Admin should initial in last column, sign and indicate date received.  Late forms should be returned to the student. 
    6. All completed and accurate forms that meet the deadline will be submitted to Asst. Superintendent for approval
    7. The Asst. Superintendent will submit forms to the business office for a reimbursement check.
    8. The business office will issue a reimbursement check and mail to address on the form.