• Mission & Vision Statement

      Mission Statement


      • Vision

        Academic Growth

        Each learner will achieve academic growth through setting goals that are measured by threshold, target, and stretch outcomes annually.
        100% of students will achieve academic growth each year by participating in purposeful and individualized learning on a daily basis.

        Every student will execute personal goals within an individualized success plan.

        Positive Relationships

        100% of students will demonstrate respectful behavior towards their peers and adults daily.


        All BCISD students will participate in community service each year.

        Learning Experiences

        All students will be engaged through hands-on learning, problem-solving, and critical thinking each day.

        Each student will communicate effectively in collaborative settings weekly.
        All students will demonstrate effective use of instructional technology daily.

        Download a copy of the District Improvement Plan (updated 2021-2022)  


      Core Beliefs

      • Core Beliefs
        We Believe.....

        Each student deserves an education comprised of high-quality staff in a safe and inclusive environment.

        All students are worthy of opportunities that offer multiple pathways which are individual and clearly communicated.

        All students have the ability to learn when provided the appropriate relationships and options that are suitable for their needs.

        Every student deserves a place where their needs are met, both academically and emotionally.

        Every student has a responsibility for laying a foundation for building their goals and visions that will lead to their success.

        Teachers that focus on students' understanding of materials instead of preparing for a test increase student achievement.

        Positive student-teacher relationships and interaction are critical for student success.

        We believe that collaboration among all stakeholders, which honors all voices, creates ownership that drives personal accountability towards education and

        lifelong opportunities.

        We believe that a district that works in partnership with its community is synergistic.

        We believe that it is necessary to empower families to build a strong personal, educational, and social foundation for learners' success.

        Parental involvement in schools changes the climate of the community as a whole.

        Download a copy of the District Improvement Plan (updated 2021-2022)  



      • Goals

        Goal 1

        We will engage parents and community members by providing opportunities for developing positive relationships in academic and non-
        academic settings. 

        Goal 2

        We will develop a systematic approach that builds relationships between students, staff, and parents through a collaborative effort to
        accomplish our call to action. 

        Goal 3

        We will establish a positive school/classroom culture by continuously teaching and modeling respect among all students, personnel, and

        Goal 4

        We will integrate the most up-to-date technology district-wide, to enhance student development, growth, and learning.

        Goal 5

        We will integrate instructional practices that develop learning environments that are applicable to real-world experiences.

        Goal 6

        We will recruit, attract, retain, and train diverse, high-quality staff to carry out the district's beliefs, goals, and call to action. 

        Download a copy of the District Improvement Plan (updated 2021-2022)