• Teacher Referral Program Parameters

  • Referral program is open to all BCISD employees to refer a certified teacher for the district
    • $500 payout after a certified teacher has been hired and started for the upcoming school year
    • No limit to the number of certified teachers an employee may refer
    • Only 1 employee may receive the bonus for a referral made*
    • Referral must be for a certified teacher - the program does not include long-term subs, student teachers, paraprofessionals, or uncertified teachers
    Referral Process
    • How a good referral is made:
      • Referral form is completed and turned into HR before (or within 24 hours) of a teacher applying with the district OR
      • Candidate lists the name of a BCISD employee who referred them on their application
    • The first person to turn in a referral on a candidate receives the credit for the referral*
      • If there is a discrepancy, BCISD will reach out to the candidate and ask how they heard about the position
    • Referral Form - this form can also be found on the district homepage
    • Positions exempt from receiving the referral bonus: Chiefs, Human Resources staff, Principals, Assistant Principals, district or campus professionals with hiring authority, temporary employees, substitutes, or tutors
    • Current BCISD employees may not be referred, but former BCISD employees who are being rehired may be referred