• The mission of Bay City High School is to inspire all students to pursue their goals through the power of education.  As professional school counselors we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive counseling program guided by the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) and the Texas Counseling Association (TCA) models.

    In collaboration with other educators, parents, or guardians and the community, we ensure that students have the necessary social/emotional skills, academic foundation, technical knowledge, college preparation and career readiness for school and future success.

    At Bay City High School our counselors do many things, some examples are listed below:

    • Advising on course selection
    • Assisting in testing and interpreting scores
    • Providing counseling to individuals or groups
    • Supporting students in crisis situations
    • Supporting efforts of staff, parents, and community in promoting student development
    • Consulting with teachers and parents on behalf of students
    • Clarifying post-graduation plans
    • Help to resolve academic or career questions
    • Planning student events and promoting post-secondary success
    • Assisting with scholarship applications

    Although school counseling is not therapy, as counselors, we can help students adjust to new situations, increase self-esteem, and deal with grief, anger, stress, divorce/separation or relationship struggles which may be a barrier to their educational process.  Parents, if you should need to talk to us about any of these sensitive issues please contact us. Community resources will be offered if additional support is needed.