Eligibility Guidelines & Maps

  • All students living outside a two-mile walking distance or more from their school may ride a school bus. There may be exceptions granted as determined by the Texas Education Agency guidelines for determining hazardous walkways. Transportation funding is supplied by the state of Texas and Bay City ISD. Parents are asked to review bus safety rules (provided in the Handbook) with their children and remind them they must maintain good self-discipline. This helps ensure each child enjoys a safe ride to and from school or other activities. Please remember: bus riding is a privilege.

    Per our policy, students will only ride on their assigned route, to their assigned stop. We do not allow students to get on any bus they are not assigned to. This ensures that every student is always on the same bus getting off at the same stop. These routines and policies are in place to ensure the safety of every student transported by the district. If your child needs to go somewhere else on a particular day, you must make arrangements to have that child transported some other way.

    You must live outside the shaded areas to be eligible for bus transportation, which is two miles or further from the assigned campus. Additionally, elementary school students are eligible for transportation who reside within the hazard route zones.

     Updated May 2023

    bay city high school

    BCHS Map

    bay city junior high

    BCJH Map

    tenie holmes

    Tenie Holmes Map

    linnie roberts

    Linnie Roberts Map


    Cherry Map

    hazard zones


    ZONES A,B, & D - Cherry Elementary, Tenie Holmes Elementary, & Linnie Roberts Elementary

    ZONE C - Cherry Elementary only

    ZONES E,F, & G - Linnie Roberts Elementary only