• Benefits & Insurance

General Information

  • New hires have 31 days to enroll-in or decline benefits from your start date. 

    Benefits that are provided to employees at no charge are:

    1) Aetna ActiveCare 1-HD Employee Only Coverage
    2) $15,000 life insurance policy with Dearborn National
    3) Employee Assistance Program ~ Ability Assist Counseling Services with The Hartford

    If you make elections during the yearly Annual Enrollment Period, please check your paystub for the correct deduction amounts. Use the Employee Portal to check paystubs.


Family Status Change

  • The plan options and coverage levels you select during the annual open enrollment period will remain in effect from September 1 - August 31. You cannot add or change covered persons during the year unless you have a qualified Family Status Change/Special Enrollment Event. All documents must be received by the Benefits Office within 31 days of qualifying event date.

    Enrollment Application & Change Form

Family Status FAQ's

  • What is a qualified Family Status Change/Special Enrollment Event?

  • When do I need to have all documents to the Benefits Office?

  • What benefits can I change?

  • What is a Section 125 cafeteria plan?

  • What pre-tax benefits are covered under the Section 125 cafeteria plan?