• Frequently Asked Questions

    When are benefits effective for new hires?
    Medical, Dental, Disability and Life insurance are effective the first of the month following the employment start date.

    How long do I have to enroll in benefits?
    You have 31 days from your employment start date to elect or decline benefits. See the Insurance Information page for a list of benefits.

    What is the benefit plan year for Bay City ISD?
    September 1 - August 31

    When will I receive an insurance card for medical, prescriptions, dental and vision in the mail?
    Once enrollment information has been received, carriers will send out ID cards within 7-10 business days. 

    If you do not receive your cards:
    For medical care and prescription drugs, you can also go online to register and print out a temporary ID card:
    TRS ActiveCare-Aetna - 1-800-222-9205 or www.trsactivecareaetna.com
    Caremark Pharmacy - 1-800-222-9205 (Option #2) or www.caremark.com
    Guardian Dental/VSP Access Vision Plan - 1-888-618-2016

    Medical Reimbursement/Flex Spending Account (MRP)
    You should have received an e-mail from National Family Care to setup your account.
    Log on to www.wealthcareadmin.com
    For MRP/FSA participants - Your EE ID is your SSN without dashes.
    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact National Family Care at 800-527-0996.

    Am I able to make changes to my benefit plans in the middle of the year?
    Yes, if you have a qualifying event. Please refer to the Family Status Change page. If you do not have a qualifying event, you will have to wait until the next annual enrollment period to make changes.

    Do I have to elect or decline insurance plans?
    Yes, all employees must complete an application to decline or elect benefits within 31 days of their employment start date.

    Can I use a Flexible Spending Account to pay some medical expenses?
    Yes. Please view information in regards to the flexible spending accounts on the Insurance Information page, under MRP Benefit Sheet.

    Up to what age can a dependent child stay on my coverage?
    Until he or she turns 26 for medical insurance and age 25 for dental insurance. 

    Does Bay City ISD offer a 401(k)?
    No. But the district does offer 457 and 403(b) retirement plans. TSA Consulting Group is our third party administrator for those plans. Visit their webpage at
    You will see information for participating 403B companies. Choose the company you wish to use and download that company's paperwork and submit it to TSA Consulting.

    Where can I get TRS information and forms (for retirement or withdraw)?
    For TRS forms and information, you must contact TRS directly at 1-800-223-8778 or at http://www.trs.state.tx.us/