Gifted and Talented

  • What is the Gifted/Talented Program in BCISD?
    BCISD serves students who are identified as advanced intellectually or academically through PACE -- Program for Academic Curriculum Enrichment.

    The Texas State Guidelines for the Education of Gifted/Talented Students

    This plan identifies five categories of giftedness:

    • general intellectual ability
    • specific academic aptitude
    • creativity
    • leadership
    • visual/performing arts

PACE Program Description

  • Kindergarten: 
    Identified PACE students are served in a pull-out program classroom and receive specially designed difererntiated instruction.

    1st-3rd Grades:
    Identified PACE students are pulled out at each grade level on each campus and receive specially designed differentiated instruction.

    4th-5th Grades:
    Identified PACE students are served within core content areas in PACE classes in grades 4 and 5.

    6th-12th Grades:
    Identified PACE students are served within core subject areas. Pre-Advanced Placement (Pre-AP) and Advanced Placement (AP) classes, Distinguished Achievement Program and Concurrent Enrollment.

    *Credit by Exam for Acceleration is also available. Classes and courses serving all PACE students are taught by trained teachers skilled in meeting the needs of PACE learners.

PACE Goals

  • 1. The PACE students will enhance their critical thinking skills through language arts, social studies, advanced mathematics, and scientific content designed to refine the higher level thinking processes.2. The PACE students will develop effective behaviors, and the convergent and divergent cognitivie abilities involved in the creative thinking process.
    3. The PACE students will acquire research skills necessary for the development of an original product and will understand more complex and comprehensive content. Research and products will incorporate appropriate technology.
    4. The PACE students will develop an understanding of their own needs, interests and talents in order to become more self-directed learners.
    5. The PACE students will exhibit a tolerance for the differences between themselves and others.

GT Identification Process

  • Teachers, campus administration, counselors, parents or other interested adults may nominate potential candidates. Schools gather screening information and offer testing for interested students.
    Students transferring into BCISD who were eligible for Advanced Academics in another district must ultimately meet BCISD identification standards. New students entering with documentation indicating Gifted & Talented identification will automatically be placed in the PACE program.

PACE handbook/GT handbook

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