• Blackcat Hall of Fame 

    Induction Ceremony:  The last home football game of each odd-numbered school year.

    PURPOSE:  To recognize former Bay City High School or Hilliard School athletes or head coaches who have distinguished themselves beyond “the norm” and who have represented our community at a state or national level.

    LOCATION:  The high school has an area in foyer of the Coaches Offices designated as the Blackcat Hall of Fame. Inductees will be asked to provide a picture (either individual or action). We will have all pictures enlarged to 8 X 10 and provide standardized frames and name plaques with year of high school graduation, and college/professional teams.

    SELECTION COMMITTEE:  Made up of several long-time community members or school employees

    NOMINATIONS:  Nominations may be made by current or former coaches, family members, teachers, community members, media.
    Nominations are accepted on an ongoing basis, but in order to be considered for induction during a current induction year, nominations must be received by the third Friday in September (in odd-numbered years). The Hall of Fame will induct new members every two years.

    Nominations will be considered for up to three induction cycles. Once nominated, a nominee does not need to be re-nominated for the next two cycles, but individuals are welcome to submit new and/or additional information.

    A candidate will be inducted when 2/3 of the selection committee members vote for induction. Votes will be cast confidentially.

    Induction is held in odd-numbered school years during the fall at a Blackcat Football game.

    Send nomination forms to:
    Bay City Independent School District
    Attn: Communications Dept
    P.O. Box 2510
    Bay City, TX 77404
    Hand deliver: 520 7th Street, Bay City, TX 77414
    email: info@baycityisd.org

    Deadline is the third Friday in September, in odd-numbered school years.
    Induction is held in odd-numbered school years during the fall at a Blackcat Football game.

    Updated August 2023