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    Fill This Out Every Day You Enter The Building

    BC Band Health Screening 


    Procedure for Summer Band Rehearsal: 1st Week of Summer Band-Aug 3, 2020

    • Prior to entering the building, your temperature will be checked.  If you have a fever, you will not be permitted in the school building.  
    • Once you enter the building, please fill out the requested daily information using the QR code on your phone for check in.  You will be asked a series of questions including your temperature that was just checked.
    • Get your name tag and mask.
    • Section Leaders and Drum Majors will then tell you where to go from there.
    • You will have two hours of music rehearsal in the band hall and two hours of marching rehearsal in the cafeteria.  
      • If you are entering the band hall first:
        • Put your mask on in the hallway.
        • Use the sanitation station located in the band hall first.
        • Find your seat and remain seated with your mask on until rehearsal begins.  You may chat with people around you but please remain seated.
        • Use the restroom as needed, we will not have a formal break to use the facilities.  You are only allowed to use the restroom by the band hall.  DO NOT WANDER anywhere else.
      • If you are going to the cafeteria first:
        • Put your mask on in the hallway.
        • Use the sanitation station located in the cafeteria first.
        • Take your instrument with you to the cafeteria.
        • Find a place for your instrument and water jug in the cafeteria.
        • Find an available X, have a seat on the ground and wait until everyone is at rehearsal.
        • Use the restroom as needed, we will not break formally to use the facilities.  Water fountains will NOT be available.  It is important for you to bring your water jug full of water.    
    • If going from Band Hall to Cafeteria, you will travel from the Band Hall through the main hall to the Cafeteria
      • If you are going from the Cafeteria to the Band Hall, you will exit the cafeteria by the theater and go around outside and use the entrance by the Band Hall.  
    • If at any point in the rehearsal you aren’t feeling well, let a Drum Major, Section Leader, or Band Director know.  



    Hey Band,

    ALL STUDENTS are required to update their information on Rank One. You are also required to have a physical if you did not have one last year.  If you had a physical last year,  you will only need to fill out the RANK ONE information requested to update your file. Please do so now.  If you did not have a physical last year, please take care of that as soon as possible. The Rank One link is posted below.

    Thank you,

    Mr. Longoria 



    Hey Band! The schedule has changed. Please review it. We will begin starting Monday, August 3 in small groups. You will all be given masks and will wear them when inside the building and not playing. Also, please prepare to bring a water jug. We will not have cups available for you to use. More detailed information on entering the building next week.

    2020 BCHS Summer Band Calendar

    Instructions to see your marching band music have been posted to the "Band Members" section of our website. Please make sure that this works for you and also make sure that you have all the music that is listed. If you have any trouble please contact Mr. Longoria or Mr. Carrizales through "remind" or email. 



    We are looking forward to the start of the 2020 school year/football season.  The Blackcat Stadium is an exciting addition to the upcoming football season  This is a new year, new stadium and we will be working to make us the best Blackcat Band possible.  This all begins for us with the beginning of Summer band.  

    Summer band will begin on Monday, July 27 2020.  Please refer to your calendar for times that you will be attending.  For the first two weeks, you will be in a four hour block of time either in the morning or afternoon all of which will be indoors.  Two hours will be in a playing block and the other two hours will be in a marching block.  Following these two weeks, we will be outside for the next week and a half in the evening learning marching drill.  It is imperative that you attend all rehearsals.  This is our advancing year and we will need all the rehearsal time possible. For our new members, this means that we will have the opportunity to advance to AREA then to STATE.

    Please check your school email account for more information including warm-ups, show music, and other band necessities that have been shared with you from Mr. Carrizales and Mr. Longoria. During our time in the Band Hall, we will learn some stand tune music along with our show music.  

    We will have some new guidelines to follow to keep all students safe throughout your time in the BCHS Building.

    • Before entering the building, we will most likely be taking your temperature. If you are running a high temperature, you will not be allowed in the building and you will need to call your parents to go home.


      • Upon getting your temperature, you will need to follow the QR reader and check in to the school building.
      • You will only enter by the band hall.
      • When you enter the band hall, please use the hand sanitizer on the inside of each of the main doors.
      • If you are supposed to be in the band hall, you will get your instrument and a stand and proceed to your labeled chair and remain there.  
      • We will SOCIAL DISTANCE the entire time while in the Band Hall and Cafeteria. If we require a mask, we will provide one for you.  Of course when you are playing, you won’t be wearing a mask.  However, if you are sitting and talking, we will ask you to wear masks.  
      • If you are supposed to be in the cafeteria, go directly to the cafeteria after you get your instrument.  
      • There will be a hand sanitizer station in the cafeteria as well. Please use it.
      • You will be spread apart in the cafeteria.  Please sit on the floor in the cafeteria.  
      • The Band Hall and Cafeteria group will only use the Bathroom facilities by the Band Hall.  
      • Please wear tennis shoes during all of Summer band.  No flip flops or crocs.


    • We will not be using band water coolers with cups. EVERYONE WILL NEED TO BRING YOUR OWN FULL WATER JUG!


    These are our current guidelines but may change prior to us beginning summer band.  

    REMIND: We will use REMIND to give out information.  Please sign up for REMIND. Join Us on Remind to get the latest Band info by texting to 81010. In the message, Students type: @20bcband21 Parents type: @20bcpar

    Parents: Any information we put in the student section, we will also put in the parent section as well.  We put a parent section in the event that we need to send information just to you. 

    If you have any questions, please DO NOT call the school at this time.  Contact Mr. Longoria through Remind, Band Facebook, or email,  Even though we will follow new guidelines, we look forward to seeing all of you and making some awesome music.  

         GO CATS GO!

    Thank you, The Band Directors 


    19-20 Blackcat Band


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