• Board of Trustees, 2018-19

    Board of Trustees with Dr. Scott

    From l-r: Board Member Eddie Nelson, Board Secretary Crystal Allison. Board VP Bobby Kimball, Superintendent Dr. Marshall Scott III, Board Pres Bob Klepac; and Board Members Helen Knezek, Frankie Cole and Jerry Manning.

    Board meetings are generally the third Monday of each month at 7 PM at the BCISD Administration Building at 520 7th Street in Bay City, TX. Board normally does not meet in December. Schedule is subject to change.



    The Board of Trustees consists of seven members elected for three-year terms by a plurality vote. Elections are held on the first Saturday in May each year.

    Position 7 - President Bob Klepac -- bob.klepac@bcblackcats.net (term expires May 2021)
    Position 1 - Vice-President Bobby Kimball -- bobby.kimball@bcblackcats.net (term expires May 2019)
    Position 2 - Secretary Crystal Allison -- crystal.allison@bcblackcats.net (term expires May 2019)
    Position 5 - Frankie Cole -- frankie.cole@bcblackcats.net (term expires May 2020)
    Position 3 - Helen Knezek -- helen.knezek@bcblackcats.net (term expires May 2019)
    Position 4 - Jerry Manning -- jerry.manning@bcblackcats.net (term expires May 2020)
    Position 6 - Edward Nelson -- eddie.nelson@bcblackcats.net (term expires May 2021)