• Board of Trustees, 2017-18

    Board of Trustees with Dr. Scott

    From l-r: Board Member Eddie Nelson, Board Secretary Crystal Allison. Board VP Bobby Kimball, Superintendent Dr. Marshall Scott III, Board Pres Bob Klepac; and Board Members Helen Knezek, Frankie Cole and Jerry Manning.


    The Board of Trustees consists of seven members elected for three-year terms by a plurality vote. Elections are held on the first Saturday in May each year.

    President Bob Klepac -- bob.klepac@bcblackcats.net
    Vice-President Bobby Kimball -- bobby.kimball@bcblackcats.net
    Secretary Crystal Allison -- crystal.allison@bcblackcats.net
    Frankie Cole -- frankie.cole@bcblackcats.net
    Helen Knezek -- helen.knezek@bcblackcats.net
    Jerry Manning -- jerry.manning@bcblackcats.net
    Edward Nelson -- eddie.nelson@bcblackcats.net