• HB4545

  • THE Families, 

    Given the disruptions of the 2020-2021 school year, the Texas Legislature has given parents new rights to help support their children. House Bill 4545, signed on June 16, 2021, provides additional learning opportunities for students who did not meet standards on the STAAR exam. One of those learning supports is extra tutoring, after school support, and Saturday Academy. 

    At Tenie Holmes Elementary, we will have what is called W.I.N.(What I Need) Time. All students will be offered in-school W.I.N. time from 3:00-3:30. Additionally, your student will be mandated to attend tutoring as decided upon by their teachers. 

    Informational Video: HB4545

    Attached to this letter your will find: 

    • Your student’s specific Acceleration Plan
    • Parent Waiver of the 3:1 ration (more information on that paper)
    • Student’s STAAR Reports from last year. 

    Attendance is Mandatory 

    Any child in grades 3-8 who did not pass STAAR will receive tutoring in the upcoming school year. Your child did not meet approaches or higher on one or more STAAR. The bill requires that the tutoring is provided to students to accelerate their learning. It is mandatory that your student attends the plans outlined in their acceleration plan. Attendance will be taken and hours will be tracked for each student. 


    Transportation will be provided to support the after school tutoring and Saturday Academies as assigned.