Cherry partners with Fueling Brains Academy

  • Cherry Elementary entered into an exciting partnership with Fueling Brains Academy that began in the 2021-22 school year.

    Cherry and Fueling Brains implemented the "Ready Set Grow!" program on the Pre-K to Kindergarten campus. The program is designed to maximize brain development among Bay City ISD's youngest students and encourage parents to take active roles in their child's education. 

    "The importance of brain development that happens before the age of 5 has long been overlooked," experts from Fueling Brains say. "Parents are left wondering if they are doing enough for their little ones' education." 

    "Fueling Brains is redefining early childhood education by gathering together some of the best experts, information and practices from science, technology and early childcare from across the globe and merging them together into a cohesively designed school partnership program called Ready Set Grow! The program connects teachers and parents and introduces our Fueling Brains learning system that assesses children during these early years to understand each child's individual development."

    The program includes:

    - Early Learning Development

    - LRM Activity Classes (Left Brain, Right Brain, & Movement)

    - Development Stage Assessments

    - Brain Development Activities

    - Parent Portal/Online Participation

    - At Home Activity Library

    - And more!

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