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    Bay City ISD is committed to serving the students and families within our district. In the Fall of 2023, Bay City ISD launched our new Parent and Family Engagement program, which includes a bilingual parent liaison at each of our 5 campuses under the guidance of our District Liaison. 


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    Harry Brooks - District Parent Liaison



    Bay City High School - Magaly Ortega

    Bay City Junior High - 

    Tenie Holmes Elementary - Patricia Flores

    Linnie Roberts Elementary - Alejandra Sierra

    John H. Cherry Elementary - Yesica Burciaga




    What is the difference between parent engagement and parent involvement?

    Parent engagement includes working together in a parent-school relationship with on-going, goal-directed communication and culturally responsive support [89.1210(b)(1)(a)]. This shared responsibility seeks what is best for the academic success of students and families, both individually and collectively.

    Parent involvement includes activities that support the responsibilities for the academic success of students. It also involves participation in the programmatic activities that support the students’ academic experience, as well as the parents’ involvement in program decision-making.

    What is meant by family literacy services and family outreach and training?

    Family literacy services integrate the following:

    • Interactive literacy activities between parent and child
    • Training in parenting activities
    • Literacy training that leads to economic self-sufiency (e.g., teaching adults to read)
    • Age appropriate education to prepare children for success in school and life experiences

    Family outreach and training provides parents with the required parent and family literacy services, activities, and training needed to improve their English language skills. These services enhance the academic achievement of English learners and immigrant students and their families.

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