• Curriculum & Testing 


    BCISD Administration Building
    520 7th Street
    Bay City, TX 77414

    P.O. Box 2510
    Bay City, TX 77404

    The primary function of the Department of Curriculum is to support campuses through the development and implementation of a high-quality curriculum, research-based instructional practices and programs, and assessments that support student learning.  In addition, the Department provides professional development opportunities for district educators to ensure that they have the content knowledge and instructional skills to effectively deliver and support the implementation of the Bay City ISD curriculum. The Department of Curriculum also oversees Matagorda County Educational Services, the Gifted/Talented and Advanced Academic programs, Career and Technical Education, the Bilingual/ESL programs, Dyslexia services, Counseling services, and Nursing services.  The Department also monitors and assists with services provided through compensatory education and federally funded programs.  While the main focus is supporting high quality, effective first teaching practices, the department supports the varied needs of the District’s diverse student population.




  • Chief Academic Officer:
    Lisa Moya  email

    Curriculum Dept Secretary:
    Linda Popek  email

    Blackcat Instructional Center housed at BCJH:
    1507 Sycamore
    Bay City, TX 77414
    P.O. Box 2510

    Bay City, TX 77404

    District Instructional Support Specialist:
    Amanda Carlin  email
    Instructional Technology Coordinator:
    Sampson Gardner email
    Instructional Coach:
    Jackie Ramsey  email
    Instructional Coordinator:
    Jessica Estlinbaum  

    PEIMS Coordinator:
    Carolyn Thrash email