• Food Services

    Mildred Hawkins, Director of BCISD Food Services


    BCISD Food Services
    1507 Sycamore Ave. 
    (Former 500 Wing Building of BCJH, just west of the stadium)
    Bay City, TX  77414  

    All BCISD students receive a free breakfast and free lunch.

    Administrative Assistant -- Gina Sanchez  email

    Cafeteria Managers:
    BCHS -- Maria Hernandez   mhernandez@baycityisd.org
    BCJH -- Sarah Lara  slara@baycityisd.org
    Cherry -- Vicki Sidney  vsidney@baycityisd.org
    Holmes -- Susie Hernandez  shernandez@baycityisd.org
    Roberts -- Charro Jones  cjones@baycityisd.org