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    BCISD Transportation Department
    2217 9th St. 
    (979) 401-1090  
    Director: Steven Stai   email

    The mission of the Transportation Department is to transport students to and from school and school related activities. In providing this service, it is imperative that we do so in a manner that provides the highest possible level of safety, and is consistent with the practical and efficient operation of the bus. It is also a part of our mission to maintain good working relationships within and outside our department; and within the limitations of SAFETY, our mission is to help each student begin and end their school day in a positive manner. Bus Drivers are often the first and last employee of the district to have contact with each student. We strive to make this a safe and positive contact.

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    Students must be registered for bus transportation before the first day of school if they want to ride the bus on the first day. BCISD will not allow students to ride the bus if they are not registered.
    Your child must have a valid student ID number to register for bus transportation. Any registration completed without a valid BCISD student ID# will be deleted and disregarded. The student ID number is the same as the student's lunch number.

    Note that Bus Registration is a 2-part process.
    1. Register online at the link below.
    2. Download the RIDE 360 app and check your route information and more on the app.

    Register here at this link for bus transportation for 2019-20
    Register here at this link for bus transportation for 2019-20, Spanish

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     NEW NEW NEW for 2019-20:
    Traversa RIDE360

    1st step: Register online for bus transportation.
    2nd step: Read the information below & then download the appropriate information.

    Bay City ISD Transportation Department is partnering with the Traversa RIDE 360 program to streamline computerized bus routing and parent communications. The Traversa software improves operational efficiency, lowers transportation costs and improves student safety. Bus routes are easily created to best meet the needs of students and families and the software provides numerous communication tools.

    The RIDE 360 website and cell phone app allows parents to access their child’s school bus number, drop off and pick up locations and times, confidentially. Traversa also provides the Transportation Department the ability to alert parents about weather delays, school cancelations and if the school bus is running late. Download the app and website guidebooks below to learn how to begin using this new software.

    Contact the Transportation Department for additional information about Traversa RIDE 360.

    Download the Traversa RIDE360 website guidebook here (English)
    Download the Traversa RIDE360 website guidebook here (Spanish)
    Download the Traversa RIDE360 app guide here (English)
    Download the Traversa RIDE360 app guide here (Spanish)

    Link to Ride 360 site/app:https://txbaycityisd.traversaride360.com/

  • Student Address of Record

    The only address that Bay City ISD Transportation will use for assigning a bus route is the address of record with the District. Students will not be routed to a different address at any time. The only exceptions to this is students may be routed to a Grandparent’s address. This address must also be noted by the school in their registration software. In those cases the student will be routed to that address only and will be expected to ride to that address on a daily basis. We do not allow students to ride to an address on certain days and another address on different days. 

    When registering online, you will note we are not asking for an address. Our software automatically gets this information from the Student Registration Software. This is the only address we will use for routing. If the address the school has as the home of record is not correct, or you move, the address must be changed at the school.

    If you change your address at the school, we need 48 hours to allow our system to update and to make the route change effective. Students whose addresses change will not be able to ride the new route until the change is made in our system.


    School Day Hours:

    Cherry Elementary (Pre-K & Kinder), 7:45 AM - 3:15 PM
    Linnie Roberts Elementary (1st-2nd), 8:10 AM - 3:40 PM
    Tenie Holmes Elementary (3rd-5th) 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM
    BCJH (6th-8th), 7:40 AM - 3:10 PM
    BCHS (9th-12th), 7:30 AM - 3:00 PM

  • Bus Eligibility

    All students living outside a two-mile walking distance or more from their school may ride a school bus. There may be exceptions granted as determined by the Texas Education Agency guidelines for determining hazardous walkways. Transportation funding is supplied by the state of Texas and Bay City ISD. Parents are asked to review bus safety rules (provided in the Handbook) with their children and remind them they must maintain good self-discipline. This helps ensure each child enjoys a safe ride to and from school or other activities. Please remember: bus riding is a privilege.

    Per our policy, students will only ride on their assigned route, to their assigned stop. We do not allow students to get on any bus they are not assigned to. This ensures that every student is always on the same bus getting off at the same stop. These routines and policies are in place to ensure the safety of every student transported by the district. If your child needs to go somewhere else on a particular day, you must make arrangements to have that child transported some other way.


    Per Texas Education Agency policy, all discipline matters taking place on a bus are considered an extension of the campus. If a student commits an offense requiring disciplinary action, all information will be gathered and forwarded to the respective campus administrator. The Transportation Department does not make decisions regarding discipline and the accompanying consequences. Any matters concerning such issues should be directed to the campus administrator for each student.

    Various Tutorial Buses and Boys and Girls Club buses do not fall under this policy. This is a service the district provides for those students who use these services. The bus driver, and Transportation Dept, may remove a student from these buses at any time without consulting with campus administration.

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