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    Director: Ben Schubert
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    New Student ID's/ Scanning On and Off the Bus
    This year, BCISD will be using a new feature on our school buses involving student ID's. Student ID's this year will be made of RFID plastic that will allow them to scan on and off the bus. This feature will allow us to track ridership, know what students are on the bus at a given time in real time, and give us concrete data about exactly when and where a student gets on and off the bus. It will also allow us to make sure only registered students only get on the buses they are assigned to and only get off at their assigned stop. 
    Students will receive their ID's on the first day of school. From there the process is simple: they will place their ID on the scanner when they get on and off the bus. Because of this new feature, students will be required to have their ID's with them everyday. Any student without an ID will not be allowed to ride their bus home in the afternoon from school. Please make sure your student(s) have their ID's each day when they go to school.
    **Every student was ordered an ID using their picture from last year. There are some ID's that do not have pictures as the student did not have a picture on file. Students with ID's that do not have a picture will receive a replacement ID once they have a picture on file. This will be coordinated by the campus. Even without the picture, the ID's will still scan the student on and off the bus. 

    2022-23 School Year Bus Registration

    Students must be registered for bus transportation before the first day of school if they want to ride the bus on the first day. BCISD will not allow students to ride the bus if they are not registered. NEW and RETURNING RIDERS MUST PRE-REGISTER.
    ***Your child must have a valid student ID number to register for bus transportation. Any registration completed without a valid BCISD student ID# will be deleted and disregarded. The student ID number is the same as the student's lunch number.

    Note that Bus Registration is a 2-part process. 

    1. Register online at the link below.
    2. Download the RIDE 360 app and check your route information and more on the app.

    Register for the bus
    Register for the bus, Spanish


    photo of transportation department on caboose