• Elective Courses that engage and excite students

    Bay City Junior High has expanded opportunities for students with more electives to choose from, including courses for high school credit. Students may earn up to 10 high school credits from many courses offered on-site at BCJH.

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    How will I use this in the real world?
    How does this apply to my life?
    How is this gonna help me when I need to get a job in the future?

    Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Far too often we've heard students ask these questions.

    We can’t hope to answer these questions in our schools if we haven’t first brought to students curriculum that connects classrooms to careers, and that means hands-on exploration and problem-solving, project-based learning.

    • By 2020, 80% of jobs will require some level of technology proficiency.
    • We live in a digital world, so we have to start preparing our students TODAY with workforce-ready skills.
    • Self-directed learners become self-directed workers. Employers increasingly want employees who demonstrate initiative and skill when communicating, performing technical duties, and creatively solving unexpected problems.
    • BCJH is the leader in Matagorda County in preparing students beginning as early as junior high for their future careers. The choice is clear - Bay City ISD.

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    Check out these courses that are sure to engage and excite students – they’ll forget they’re even in school!

  • Through a grant from the Texas Education Agency, BCISD is able to offer dedicated labs for students to investigate careers.

    These STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) labs feature cloud-based curriculum, and include kits, equipment, and hands-on minds-on activities.

    The curriculum is socially interactive, and the labs are learner-centric environments where students can exchange and test ideas, work with others, and lead open-ended projects.

    We know it’s more than just content acquisition – it’s helping students develop perseverance, collaboration skills, and a growth mind-set.

    Pitsco Education programs are featured in our Investigating Careers in Health Science Technology course and in the Investigating STEM/Robotics Programming and Design.

      - Learn more at www.pitsco.com 
      - See video from Pitsco...

    Learning.com programs are featured in our Investigating Careers in Computer Science course.
    Learning.com has been honored with more than 30 industry awards, including ISTE 2017 Best of Show, 2017 Award of Excellence from Tech & Learning Magazine, THE Journal 2016 Readers’ Choice Awards, 2016 Award of Excellence from Tech & Learning Magazine, ISTE 2016 Best of Show, 20 Most Promising K12 Technology Solution Providers in 2016 by CIO Review, 2015 EdTech Digest Award, 2014 CODiE Award, and 2014 DA Readers’ Choice Top 100 Product Award.

    Learn more at learning.com..

    Other electives at BCJH:
    Business Information Management Systems (high school credit)
    Principles of Information Technology (high school credit)
    Spanish I (high school credit)
    Touch Data Systems (high school credit)
    College & Career Readiness
    Beginner, Concert, & Advanced Bands
    Choir & Varsity Choir
    Theatre, Advanced Theatre, & Technical Theatre
    College & Career Readiness

    Additionally, BCJH offers many classes for high school credit:
    Algebra I - 1 credit
    Spanish 1- 1 credit
    Spanish 2- 1 credit
    Business Information Management Systems- 1 credit
    Principles of Information Technology - 1 credit
    Touch Data Systems - .5 credit
    General Employability Skills = .5 credit
    Principles of Business Marketing and Finance - 1 credit
    Principles of Construction - 1 credit
    Foundations of Oil and Gas - 1 credit
    Art I - 1 credit