• photo of kids in science lab

    Children's Exploration Centers at Cherry Elementary

    Children have a natural, enthusiastic instinct to learn. They ask questions. They explore. They examine. They learn and grow through interactive experiences. Play is an active form of learning that is essential for children.

    Cherry Elementary, BCISD’s early childhood campus dedicated to Pre-K and Kindergarten students, is debuting its new Exploration Rooms in Fall 2019. These hands-on, interactive areas are specially designed to encourage learning through play.

    Based on research and best practices, the Cherry Elementary Exploration Rooms will further reinforce academic concepts learned in the classrooms. Children will build their problem-solving abilities, creativity, empathy, vocabulary and communication skills, self-regulation and conflict resolution abilities.


    Exploration Centers allow children to:

    * Use up excess energy

    * Relax

    * Take risks without worry about failure

    * Be themselves

    * Express themselves

    * Develop self-discipline by exploring in their own manner & directing their own learning

    * Be self-motivated as they can concentrate on things that genuinely interest them

    * Explore things that are new to them and make connections with things they already know

    * Role play to better understand the real world

    * Develop social skills by developing communication skills and building relationships

    * See things through another person’s point of view

    * Face positive challenges and build self-esteem through success

    * Be independent