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    Trey George and Cortney Campbell are the Communities in Schools Site Directors in Bay City ISD. All work closely with district staff, students and families in the district's partnership with Communities in Schools of Brazoria County 

    Although employed by CIS of Brazoria County,  George and Campbell are housed at BCISD campuses, and work closely with campus principals, counselors and teachers. This partnership was made possible by a grant from the Texas Education Agency.

    Communities in Schools works directly in schools to build relationships that empower students to stay in school and succeed in life. CIS school-based staff partner with teachers to identify challenges students face in class or at home and coordinate with community partners to bring outside resources inside schools.

    CIS in Texas is administered by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). CIS staff work year-round, full-time, and on school campuses. BCISD has partnered with CIS of Brazoria County, which currently serves 6,500 students over 90 program sites in nine school districts.

    CIS programs include help for at-risk youth to help them stay in school; assists students to stay drug-free and avoid gangs; and provides after-school programs for economically disadvantaged youth.

    The six components of CIS are: supportive guidance and counseling; parental involvement; Health and Human Services; Academics; College and Career Awareness; and Enrichment Activities.

    The CIS Mental Health Program includes these activities: Advocacy; Crisis Intervention; Trauma Groups; Coping Skill Building; and Mental Health Support.

    Campus Assignments for the CIS staff are at the campuses which qualified for the TEA grant that made this partnership possible: Trey George at Bay City Junior High; Diona Wooderson at Tenie Holmes Elementary, and Cortney Campbell at Cherry Elementary.

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    Trey George -- Bay City Junior High
    Cortney Campbell - Cherry Elementary


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