• What is Dual Credit?

    Dual Credit is a form of enrollment that allows a high school student to take certain courses to earn both college and high school credit. Dual Credit courses (and the grades that students earn in those courses) become a permanent part of the student's college and high school transcripts.  The college courses at BCHS are offered through Wharton County Junior College (WCJC).

    If you are interested in registering for dual credit classes at BCHS, there are several items you must complete:

    1. Complete your online Apply Texas Application online. If you need assistance with completing the application, click HERE FOR VIDEO TUTORIAL
    2. Complete and submit a Dual/Credit Early Admission Form AND return to Bay City High School counselors.
    3. Submit passing TSI test scores by completing the WCJC Jotform You MUST pass TSI test or have proof of exemption. For more information, please look below.
    4. Submit your BCHS Transcript

    *Due to our COVID-19 closure, BCHS will not be offering TSI test sessions until further notice.  It is recommended that you reach out to WCJC to request TSI testing so you can be TSI ready.  Contact information for WCJC testing center is:

    Amanda Schulze, Testing Technician, schulzea@wcjc.edu, Wharton Campus: 979-532-6386


    Who is eligible?

    Student must have met Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements for reading/writing and/or math by passing a state-recognized test as listed in the chart below may take a dual credit classes. Students are not limited to a specific number of credit hours that they can enroll in for dual credit or concurrent course work, however, the student's high school may have limits on the number of credits that can be applied to the student's high school graduation plan. 

     Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements:







    4 Essay and 340+ Multiple Choice; or

    5+ Essay



    4000+ English II EOC

    4000+ English II EOC

    4000+ Algebra I EOC and 70+ final grade in Algebra II


    460+ Reading & Writing (EBRW)

    460+ Reading & Writing (EBRW)

    510+ Math