FAQ's - at-home Virtual Learning

  • Below are some answers to questions regarding at home learning.

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    Once we get answers to your questions, we will post the responses to the various questions on the FAQ pages.


    1. Do all parents need to complete the online student registration whether choosing in-person at school learning or virtual instruction at-home learning?

     Yes. All students must have a student registration completed no matter if choosing in-person at school or virtual instruction at home. 

    Parent Portal link

    Information about Registration process BCISD website link

    If you need assistance completing the online registration, please contact the registrar at your child’s campus. 

    Cherry Elementary - 979-401-1300
    Holmes Elementary - 979-401-1400
    Roberts Elementary - 979-401-1500
    Bay City Junior High - 979-401-1600
    Bay City High School - 979-401-1100


    2. Do parents choosing virtual instruction at-home need to complete the Virtual Instruction at Home Registration form and the Parent Portal online registration process to participate in the virtual instruction at home model?

    Yes. All parents must complete the student online registration process whether choosing in-person at school or virtual instruction at home, and parents who wish for their child to participate in remote learning at home must complete the virtual instruction at home registration form. LINK TO VIRTUAL REGISTRATION FORM 


    3. What is the deadline for parents to commit to virtual instruction at home?

    We encourage each parent to complete the Virtual Instruction at Home Registration Form as soon as possible to help with student scheduling and teacher assignments. August 1st, 2020 is the deadline to commit.


    4. What are the requirements for virtual instruction at home?

     Virtual instruction in the 2020-2021 school year in BCISD will look vastly different from virtual instruction during the 2020 Spring semester school buildings closure. It is highly recommended that a student have access to:

    • An adult who can frequently monitor student compliance and progress
    • Space conducive to long periods of learning at home for each student;

     In order to promote a successful experience in virtual learning, we recommend the following

    • The student had passing grades at the end of the 2019-2020 school year in all subjects.
    • The student met standard during remote learning in the Spring semester of 2020.

     In order to continue in virtual learning once enrolled, the following requirements must be met: 

    • The student will participate in all required coursework and virtual lessons during normal school hours.
    • Students who do not have passing grades will participate in the campus’ failure intervention process, which may require a return to in-person learning.
    • The student will participate in all tutoring sessions required by the teachers.


     5. If a parent chooses virtual instruction at home, when could they switch to in-person at school?

    The selection of a learning environment is for a minimum of one six week grading period. Changing of a learning environment will not occur in the middle of a grading period.  A parent or guardian may request for their student to change from virtual instruction to in person at school or from in person at school to virtual instruction for the next grading period. Exceptions in the best interest of the students may be approved by campus principals subject to availability.


    6. If a parent chooses in-person at school, when could they switch to virtual instruction at home? 

      1. The selection of a learning environment is for a minimum of one six week grading period. Changing of a learning environment will not occur in the middle of a grading period.  A parent or guardian may request for their student to change from virtual instruction to in-person or from in-person to virtual instruction for the next grading period. Exceptions in the best interest of the students may be approved by campus principals subject to availability.
      2. Students who begin receiving remote instruction as a result of staying at home to isolate from COVID-19 exposure will be permitted to return to campus at the end of their isolation period, as opposed to the end of a grading period.


    7. Will there be extracurricular activities and UIL fine arts and athletics like marching band, football, volleyball, cross country, cheer, etc. this coming school year?

      1. Yes. We will follow the guidance and orders from the Governor, Texas Education Agency, and University Interscholastic League (UIL).
      2. Virtual learners will be allowed to participate in after-school extracurricular activities.  Students will be responsible for their own transportation. . 


     8. How will daily attendance for my child be counted if we choose virtual instruction at home?

      1. In virtual instruction at home, student attendance is determined by the child’s teacher, is based on the child’s virtual presence along with engagement and tied to completion of the day’s assigned activities (the daily measure of engagement). 
      2. Students who participate in real-time virtual instruction will have their attendance recorded in the same manner as if they were in an in-person class.


     9. Are students who participate in virtual instruction at home required to complete assignments and/or activities on the day that they are assigned?

    A student who is participating in virtual instruction will be required to log in daily at scheduled times to participate in live streamed classes. Additionally, teachers will assign activities or assignments on a daily basis and they will be completed in Google Classroom by the student on the assigned day. Instruction for virtual students will mirror instruction in the in person setting as much as possible.  The same grading system will be used for students in virtual instruction as well as those students receiving in person instruction. 


    10. Will the 90/10 minimum student attendance for class credit rule be in effect for the 2020–2021 school year?

     Yes. The minimum attendance for class credit rule of TEC, §25.092, will be in effect for the 2020–2021 school year. Students are required to attend at least 90% of their classes to receive credit and be promoted. Remote attendance will count in the same manner as on-campus attendance in satisfying this requirement.


     11. Will truancy laws be in effect during the 2020–2021 school year for students receiving remote instruction due to COVID-19 related closure or health concerns?

      1. Truancy laws will apply to students who fail to attend school (based on completion of the daily teacher assigned tasks that demonstrate engagement).
      2. Virtual instruction at home attendance satisfies attendance requirements.


    12. Can the district require students to come on campus to complete assignments for certain electives while the student is being served through virtual instruction at home?

     Yes, the district can require a student to come to campus to complete a required assignment or project for elective courses (for example, CTE courses) if the course requires assignments that cannot be reasonably completed remotely. Parents will be notified in advance which courses have on-campus requirements. Some CTE Courses at the high school, which require 100% hands on work and/or require on site internships will not be available to virtual students.  Counselors will contact virtual students who may require a schedule change. 


    13. Will students who receive virtual instruction at home receive grades, progress reports and report cards?

     Yes, grades received in a virtual format will follow the same grading guidelines as in-person instruction. 


    14. My child is enrolled in dual credit classes for Fall 2020. What should I know as a parent/student?

    Wharton County Junior College will provide guidelines for Bay City ISD students who are enrolled in dual credit courses for Fall 2020. For any questions about dual credit, contact the college or your school counselor.


    15. Will meals be provided for At Home Learning students?

    Yes. We will provide meals for ALL students. We are working through what that looks like and will communicate more information soon. 


    16. Will BCISD provide Chromebooks and wifi hotspots to those students who do not have these at home?



    17. If we decide to do the virtual at-home instruction, how does or will it affect my child with respect to honors classes?

    Most honors classes can be delivered via virtual instruction. However, to answer specific questions to your child's schedule, please contact a campus administrator.


    18. What classes will be available for virtual learning & which ones will not? Particularly electives at the secondary level, such as band, health tech, etc.

    Please contact your campus administrator and/or counselor for more specific information regarding specific electives.


    19. What are your plans for the kids that need extra help? My child usually needs help after school.

    Teachers will schedule tutoring and extra help sessions as needed for virtual students and/or for students attending in-person.


    20. Will virtual learning be live-streamed or recorded lessons?

    Virtual learning lessons will be live-streamed. It will be a live interaction between staff and students. There will be specific scheduled times that students will need to log in to see the live lessons. There will be a structured schedule students will follow - more specifics schedules coming soon. Please see Blackcat Blueprint on our website for details on time committment needed at each grade level.


    21. When will Chromebooks and wifi hotspots be distributed?

    Chromebooks will be distributed at the Meet the Teacher/Virtual Learning Orientation sessions. Wifi hotspots will be distributed to those who need them, one per family, at the BCISD Administration Calendar. See the district website for all these schedules.


    22. When will assignments be given and when will they be due?

    TEA attendance guidelines mandate that we measure student engagement daily. Assignments will be assigned daily and must be completed daily - the same as the in-person model.  


    23. Will choosing virtual learning affect a student's teacher assignment for elementary grades? Will choosing virtual learning affect students' classes in junior high - for instance a student who is in all honor classes?

    Choosing virtual learning could possibly affect teacher assignment. This depends on how many students enroll in virtual learning and how many teachers are needed to staff this model. We can provide honor classes in virtual learning.