• Dual Credit

    BCHS offers many dual college-credit courses in cooperation with Wharton County Junior College. We offer more than any other high school in Matagorda County.

    If you are interested in applying for scholarships for dual-credit course, please see our "Scholarships" page. Those scholarships are usually posted during the Spring semester.

    If you have a Junior or Senior interested in Dual Credit classes from WCJC,  there are 2 forms that must be completed and retuned to BCHS. 

    One page lists  the Dual credit classes that BCHS offers.

    Please be sure to download the

    • BCHS Dual Credit Check list
    •  Wharton County Junior College(WCJC) Application/Certficate for early admission               

    Dual Credit courses offered at BCHS:

    Fall Semester -
    U.S. History (junior)
    Trigonometry (junior)
    Texas government (senior)
    English 4 - 1301 (senior)
    Biology (junior/senior)
    Calculus I (senior)

    Spring Semester - 
    U.S. History (junior)
    Pre-Calculus (junior)
    State government (senior)
    English 4 - 1302 - (senior)
    Biology (junior/senior)
    Statistics (senior)

    Wharton County Junior College Application/Certificate for early admission


    BCHS Dual Credit Student Checklist: 

    _____ 1.  Complete the WCJC Application for Admission.  Apply online at www.wcjc.edu.  Click on “Admissions”; then click on “How to Apply.”  Click on Applytexas.org and follow the instructions to complete online application.  Please allow up to 72 hours processing time.  Students will receive a letter once their application for admissions is processed.  The letter will provide you with you User ID Number. (keep this safe and secure)

    _____ 2.  Submit a current, official high school transcript.  BCHS will take care of this step for you.  Once you register for a dual credit class with your counselor at BCHS, she will see to it that your transcript is sent to WCJC. 

    _____ 3.  Complete the Certificate for Early Admission Form 

    This form will be turned into your counselor at BCHS BEFORE YOU LEAVE FOR THE SUMMER! She will see to it that Mrs. Reyes signs it and sends it to WCJC.

    _____ 4.  Must pass all parts of the TSI Test.  This test is given at WCJC. Contact 979-532-6386 to register to test. Passing scores are Reading – 351 or above; Math – 350 or above; Writing – essay score of a 5; or an essay score of a 4 with objective score of 363 in Reading

                TSI exemptions: *SAT score of at least 1070 and a math score of at least 500 is 

                                                  exempt from the math requirement

                                            *SAT score of at least 1070 and a verbal score of at least 500 is

                                                  exempt from the reading and writing requirements

                                            *ACT composite score of at least 23 and a math score of at                     

                                                   least 19 is exempt from the math requirement

                                            *ACT composite score of at least 23 and an English score of at

                                                  least 19 is exempt from the reading and writing requirement

                                            *STAAR math score of at least 4000 for the Level 2 Algebra 1

                                                  and a final passing grade in Algebra II is exempt from the

                                                  math requirements

                                            *STAAR EOC English II score of 4000 is exempt from the

                                                  reading and writing requirement

    _____ 5.  Log into “Online Services” and register for classes on the WCJC website.  You will need your WCJC Student ID number to log in.  Check the BCHS website for the CRN numbers for the dual credit classes you choose to enroll in. 

    Download this checklist


    Spring 2019 Dual Credit Courses

    Course                                     CRN                                  Course


    Biology online                        21243                          BIOL2402 

    English IV                              21466                          ENGL1302                                                               

    Government                           12794                          GOVT2305

    US History II                          21536                           HIST1302

    PreCal                                    20009                          MATH2312 

    Statistics                                22733                          MATH1342 

    EMT                                       22943                          EMSP1160

    Economics online                     22006                          ECON2301

    Speech online                          21675                          SPCH1315