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BCJH OAP takes 3rd at contest

BCJH one act play photo

BCJH play wins 3rd at contest


The Bay City Junior High One Act Play competed at the Junior High One Act Play Festival on November 29th at Bay City High School, and placed third overall.  They performed “Three Doors to Death” by Keith Jackson, a murder-mystery.

BCJH Stage Manager Roman L was named Outstanding Technician, Cameron T won Best Actor, and Outstanding Actors Honorable Mention went to Zion S, Kamryn M and Mariana A.

Director is Isabella Flores.

Three Doors To Death

                                 By Keith Jackson



Female Roles


Audrey Thaxter - amature actress --------------------------------------------------------- ALEXA L


Phyllis Love - amature actress ---------------------------------------------------------- MARIANA A


Jeannette Marsh - theatre director ------------------------------------------------------- SADIE G


Barbara Lloyd - stage manager -------------------------------------------------------- DULCE G


Dolly Bray - cleaning woman and theater sponsor ------------------------------ KAMRYN M


Male Roles


Gordon Forrest - murder victim ------------------------------------------------------- KEATON N


Paul Westerfield - amateur actor ------------------------------------------------------ ZION S


Detective Woolrich - investigates the murder ----------------------------------- JOSHUA N


Officer Garrett - works with Detective Woolrich ------------------------ CAMERON T


Tech Crew


Stage Manager ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ROMAN L  


Makeup --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LESLIE D


Light Tech  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NATHAN W