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BCJH finishes UIL Academic contest season with 56 top-10 finishes; 12 golds

UIL Participants photo


UIL Participants photo


UIL Participants photo


photo of Aron Ging


BCJH finishes UIL Academic contest season with 56 top-10 finishes; 12 golds


Bay City Junior High has wrapped up academic UIL competition this school year, after competing in contest at BCJH, and in West Columbia and Sweeny. The team accumulated 56 top-ten finishes, with 12 first-place winners.

Many BCJH volunteer coaches and chaperones helped the students prepare for the contests, including:

Esther Trevino, Leslie Stevens, Sheri Butler, Tara Castro, Cindy K Simpson, Kristy Salas, Tracy Gernand, Nora Dearing, Megan Pate, Sawndra Worrell, Raeanna Wertz, Brittney Glenewinkel, James Nolen, Sandra Ortiz, Louanna Blackburn, Natasha Boren, and Carol Williams.

BCJH UIL Coordinator is Assistant Principal Deborah Cooper.


Students who placed in various contests are:

6th grade math – Aaron B, 1st; Samantha M, 6th

7th grade math – Jace D, 1st

8th grade math – Aron G, 2nd; Litzy L, 3rd

7th grade modern oratory – Kennedy T, 1st; Lucille F, 2nd

6th grade oral reading – Meredith W, 3rd; Victoria S, 4th

7th grade oral reading – Anavie B, 6th

8th grade oral reading – Eddie O, 4th

6th grade art – Brooke R, 1st

7th grade calculator applications – Alyssa C, 6th

8th grade calculator applications – Irene G, 6th; Felix R, 4th

6th grade chess puzzle solving – Trevor F, 6th; Reyes H 2nd, Nathan W 5th

8th grade chess puzzle solving – Franklin M, 4th

6th grade dictionary skills – Victoria S, 1st; Sadie G, 6th; Ava A, 5th

7th grade dictionary skills – Emily R, 1st; Isabelle V 1st

8th grade dictionary skills – Andrea V, 6th, Lizbeth G, 1st; Giselle C, 2nd

6th grade editorial writing – Kylee P, 4th; Trevor F, 8th; Alexander E, 7th

8th grade editorial writing – Piper C, 6th; Layna G, 1st

7th grade music memory – Lynita M, 6th

8th grade music memory – Adriana C, 5th

7th grade number sense – Allyson Y, 8th; Caleb M, 2nd; Alexys V, 7th

8th grade number sense – Ayden S, 9th; Ryan H, 6th; Harima M, 5th

6th grade ready writing – Marla B, 10th; Alexa L, 6th; Nathan W, 11th

7th grade ready writing – Danielle C, 3rd; Jace D, 5th; Sydney H, 1st

8th grade ready writing – Amanda M, 1st; Jazmine P, 3rd

7th grade social studies – Jenna D, 5th

6th grade spelling – Isaiah S, 2nd

7th grade spelling – Suhana K, 1st; Megan M, 3rd, Paolo G, 5th

8th grade spelling – Jazmine P, 4th; Isabel H, 9th; Liliana G, 5th