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Roberts elementary teacher honored with 'You've got heart' recognition

photo of Carly Lewis with students

Congratulations to Carly Lewis, Linnie Roberts teacher, for being selected for the November/December Bay City ISD “You’ve got heart” honor. This employee recognition award is given to staff who go beyond their “job description” in helping students and staff, who epitomize the concept “team player,” and who put others first. BCISD staff submit nominations.

Lewis was nominated by Linnie Roberts Principal Ashley Hagg, who wrote: “We recently had to create a new class to better serve the students on our campus. Even with a full plate, without hesitation, Mrs. Lewis agreed to serve these students. Her response when I approached her with the situation was ‘You know that I would do anything for our students.’ She is a true beacon of light on our campus and someone that our staff turns to daily for their needs in the special education world. She continues to go above and beyond for the students and staff that we serve and I couldn't be more proud to work alongside of her.”

Lewis’s name was selected from all nominations received, and she was awarded a dining gift certificate and the traveling trophy, donated by Ad Vantage Specialties. BCISD appreciates the hard work and dedication of great people like Carly Lewis.

Other nominees were:

Nominee: Ryan Brooks, BCJH
Nominated by: Victoria Rutledge

“Ryan is always creating positive moments for the students and staff of BCJH. The lunch room is bright and full of laughs, and he stepped up when we needed a 7th ELA teacher mid-year. It’s teachers like Mr. Brooks who make our job enjoyable and the kind you can lean on. 7th ELA is lucky to have a teacher willing to go above and beyond for ALL students.”

Nominee: Paul Walker, bus driver
Nominated by: Karen Gibbens, Linnie Roberts Elementary
“He’s so amazing with our students. I have afternoon bus duty every day and when I walk our students to the door of his bus, he greets them with a smile and a high-five. He always says ‘good afternoon’ and asks about their day and what they learned! Ijust love the way the students can tell that he cares about them individually. And he even thanks me for walking them out to him! He’s just super nice and I love that.”

Nominee: Robert Trevino, Maintenance Dept
Nominated by: Stacey MacKenzie, BCHS
“Robert is always very helpful and willing to help with any task. He always has a smile on his face and is always nice and courteous. He delivers our new textbooks and picks up all our old boxes. He works in the heat and in the cold unloading/loading boxes.”


Nominee: Sheena Arocho, Tenie Holmes Elementary
Nominated by: Leslie Gerberman, Tenie Holmes Elementary
“Sheena is incredibly dedicated to her job of not only teaching students to appreciate and understand all forms of music (singing and instruments), but she is also focused on guiding our students to be the best version of themselves. She gives so much of her own time to organize and run clubs (marching club and choir) and create magnificent programs for the students and families of Tenie Holmes. The sound of her voice with the students of T.H.E has been flowing through the halls for weeks as they perfect the 4th grade Winter program. She has aspirations of being an administrator one day; she proves that she is more than capable of leading a campus as she leads our campus through her presence here.”


Nominee: Jana White, Cherry Elementary
Nominated by: Celeana Zepeda, Cherry
“This woman is the epitome of a Team Player and she goes the extra mile in each and every situation here at our Campus! She also makes herself readily available to talk to staff when they're in need or just need to vent. I highly recommend her for this Employee of the Month  ‘You've got Heart!’ “


Nominee: Natasha Stewart, MCES
Nominated by: Sheree Henton, MCES
“She always puts others’ needs in front of her own . I do not believe she knows how great of a person she is which is why this nomination is greatly needed.”


Nominee: Linda Popek, Curriculum Dept
Nominated by: Lisa Volkmer, Chief HR/Fed Programs
“Linda Popek is a doer and tackles any job assigned to her with diligence and determination. She does not hesitate to take on extra duties when others are out temporarily and does the work with the same heart as she does her own job duties. She is dependable and motivated to get all jobs in her boat done. When I think of her work ethic I think of ‘Ain't no mountain high enough!"’ I want to thank her for all she does.”


Nominee:Ronda Espinosa, Tenie Holmes Elementary
Nominated by: Tyler Mesecke, Tenie Holmes
“Mrs. Espinosa is a continuous role model for me. She is striving to be the best she can be daily for her students. Even as a new teacher, she has found ways to truly reach her students and do things that can be seen as 'outside the box' that her students enjoy while they're learning. She has vowed to make a connection with each and every student in her classroom. She understands that without this connection, students are likely not reaching their full potential. I feel so lucky to work on the same campus as Mrs. Espinosa and continue to learn from her.”


Nominee: Susana Hernandez, Food Services
Nominated by: Maria Serrano, Tenie Holmes Elementary
“Cafeteria Manager Susana Hernandez is a very kind,l oving, friendly person. For five years since she started working for the BCISD, she's been doing this. As the school year starts she looks at every kid that goes through our lunch lines. By the middle of the year she has by then noticed any kids who might need a very special Christmas. She gets ahold of their parents to get permission from them to buy the child presents. The child will give her a wish list. Out of her paychecks she makes sure the child gets everything on their wish list just to see that happiness in their eyes & for them to have a great & blessed Christmas. This is why i think my Boss should get nominated for You've Got Heart!”


Nominee: Sharon Landgrebe, BCHS
Nominated by: Magda Mirelez, BCHS
“Sharon Landgrebe is always finding new ways to serve her community. She encourages her students to do the same. This past month, Sharon envisioned a community coming together to create the community of ‘Bedford Falls’ for the BCHS play ‘It's A Wonderful Life.’ She quickly changed her lesson plans to create an engaging, student-led activity and contest. Her students partnered with Advanced Theatre and created 1940s Christmas shop windows in the Theatre aisles.

Students researched the period, created a shop, and created a Christmas concept for their shop. They built, designed and executed their plans. Mrs. Landgrebe then created a voting system for all ISD staff and teachers to vote for their favorites, expanding the community even more.

Finally. she welcomed and hosted all ISD teachers to a reception in the BCHS Theatre! Mrs. Landgrebe serves as a Saturday Academy tutor for BCHS students. She serves in the Faculty Advisory Council and is a leader in the school district. We are blessed to call her ours!”


Nominee: Traci Gernand, BCJH
Nominated by: Todd Roberts, BCJH
“Traci always stays late with her students. She has given up her lunch time to raise money for yearbook. She is patient and kind with students as well as staff!”


Nominee: Marissa Wendel, AP Linnie Roberts Elementary
Nominated by: Jonathan Armstrong, Linnie Roberts
“I usually try to nominate teachers for this honor, but our principals have really been going out of their way this year and I feel like that really means something. Both of our principals have done so much to recognize students and teachers and have taken time out of their day to go the extra mile on many occasions. I would nominate both on this campus, but I'm going to have to go with Marissa if only because she's done so much while having to administer to the myriad of discipline issues that come up this year.”



Nominee: Beverly Peters, BCJH
Nominated by: Ben Pfeiffer, BCJH

“Mrs. Peters, or Saint Peters as we call her, works a million quiet miracles without complaint and always with the kids’ best interests at heart. For example she never shirks her duty when the kids have those inevitable ‘accidents’ that destroy every article of clothing and furniture around. Like a saint she patiently helps clean them and always treats them as if they were her own children. In fact sometimes the kids forget when she is fussing over them and accidentally even call her ‘mom.’ “