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Letter from Dr. Scott regarding student field trip to Rice University on Feb 24th

Dear BCISD Families,

On Monday, February 24th, a small group of Bay City Junior High students attended a field trip to Rice University. Following that field trip, the University identified a research staff member who may have possibly come into contact with a COVID-19 positive case.

Out of an abundance of caution, we are sending you this information.

The staff member's presence at Rice University was limited and occurred most recently on February 24th and 25th. At this time, we have no reason to believe our students came into contact with the individuals identified by Rice University and/or were exposed to the COVID-19.

Furthermore, no one at at Rice University nor in Matagorda County has tested positive for COVID-19.

Here is link to information from Rice University:

The health and safety of Bay City ISD Students, faculty, staff, and parents is our highest priority. The parents of students who attended the field trip are being contacted and those students will be evaluated for symptoms associated with the virus.

Meanwhile, we have contacted officials with Matagorda Regional Medical Center, the local Texas Department of Health, and the Regional Office of the Texas Department of Health for guidance. They all urge parents, students, faculty, and staff to practice healthy hygiene habits to prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses like COVID-19, such as washing hands frequently, covering coughs and sneezes, avoiding contact with eyes, nose and mouth, and staying home from school if sick.

Please see this link for more information about COVID-19 -


Dr. Marshall Scott III
BCISD Superintendent of Schools