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BCISD announces employees of the month

photo of Leslie Stevens   photo of Bebe Torres   photo of Bryan Hood

Leslie Stevens                    Hortencia Torres                            Bryan Hood

BCISD announces employees of the month

Leslie Stevens, Hortencia Torres, and Bryan Hood have been selected as the March, April, and May Bay City ISD “You’ve got heart” honorees, respectively. This employee recognition award is given to staff who go beyond their “job description” in helping students and staff, who epitomize the concept of “team player,” and who put others first. BCISD staff submit the nominations.

The March winner, Bay City Junior High art teacher Leslie Stevens, was nominated by Renee Lawrence, who wrote: “Ms. Stevens has gone out of her way to get students’ artwork sent to contests, and she has been so helpful to her students during this strange time. She has always been available to help me, whatever I needed help with. She was the main person behind creation of the school board appreciation sign from BCJH for the board meeting. I know from personal proof that she goes out of her way to help her students. She suggests many things for the students and has been helping this district for many years in just helping out. This was my first year at this district and I know it went so much better because she was always ready to help. She is very deserving of being recognized for all she has done.”

April winner from Cherry Elementary, Hortencia “Bebe” Torres, was nominated by three people – Epifania Gomez, Merideth Dodd and Jana White.

“Mrs. Torres is an awesome and valuable member of our staff at Cherry School. She is compassionate, caring, and kind-hearted with the students in our class, all Cherry students, staff, parents, and visitors. She was an awesome morning greeter this year, always with a smile on her face, genuinely greeting and welcoming the students, parents, visitors and staff. This year she happily worked with Kindergarten students as well. She saw a need and took the initiative to help for the success of those students.
During this time of distance learning she has continued to be a support to our students, parents, families, and myself. She has volunteered to read to the children during some of our Zoom classes and the children enjoy it and the parents appreciate it very much as well. Her ideas, input, feedback, and supportive and encouraging attitude during our virtual learning and Zoom classes have been helpful.
She is an amazing valuable asset to our Cherry family,” wrote Gomez.

Dodd submitted, “Mrs. Torres is INCREDIBLE! I wish I could clone her twenty times over. She truly cares about the students, but also shows genuine love toward her colleagues. I am always impressed by the collaboration happening in the classroom.”

“I do agree that she is an amazing asset to our campus! She has helped with Kinder as well, with a smile and positive attitude. True collaborative effort for kids! Makes my heart so happy,” wrote White.

Leland Watley nominated the May honoree, Bay City High School’s Bryan Hood. Watley’s nomination reads, “Coach Hood has done a great job throughout the entire school year as a science teacher, robotics instructor, football coach, track coach, and supporter of all things BCISD. When asked to step in as the Interim Athletic Director, he went ‘all-in’ tackling parent concerns, overseeing offseason programs, supporting several sports and coaches that were in-season, and ensuring that everyone was in compliance with UIL and BCISD rules/policies. He has definitely gone beyond his job description to meet the needs of students, athletes, teachers, coaches, administrators, and parents.”


Other nominees:

Nominee: Brenda Ratliff, Cherry paraprofessional
Nominated by: Merideth Dodd
“Mrs. Ratliff was pulled from her assigned position to help fill another campus need, supporting students to meet their needs. It isn't a glamorous position, but she was so flexible and willing to serve the campus and the students who needed her! She has been pivotal in helping to ensure a safe and nurturing learning environment in the classrooms, and in providing the social and emotional support to several of our students. Mrs. Ratliff is a tremendous asset to our campus, and her colleagues love her dearly!”


Nominee: Mollie Gaeckler, Cherry Kinder teacher
Nominated by: Kassie Ashcraft
“Mrs. Gaeckler has made an effort to become familiar with new technology during this time of distance learning. She goes above and beyond during her biweekly Zoom meetings by teaching lessons and making crafts with her students. She is always coming up with new and fun ideas to keep the kids engaged and learning during this unprecedented time. She's doing a great job”


Nominee: Melissa Ortiz, Cherry teacher
Nominated by: Katie Brown
“She is always willing to help, and has been diligent about finding new and engaging resources.
She shares her wonderful resources with the team. She always is positive in the midst of constant negativity. She goes above and beyond for her students.”


Nominee: Jessie Stone, BCHS counselor
Nominated by: Francesca Lara
“Mrs. Stone is compassionate and hard working. BCISD is lucky to have her.”


Nominee: Maggie Frausto, Holmes teacher
Nominated by: Ronda Espinosa
“Mrs. Frausto has been the 4th grade team leader all school year and she has done an amazing job leading us. I appreciate that she is very open and honest about things that she is not sure of. She always finds out the answers for us and has a way of making us feel appreciated. Before the school closure she would make it a special point to celebrate our birthdays and also bring us tacos on Fridays. As a first-year teacher, I am thankful for the heart she brings to her students and her fellow teachers every day. Whether it was in the gym in the mornings or on our Zoom meetings, Mrs. Frausto ALWAYS has a smile on her face. I love working with her and have learned so much from her this year. It's an honor to be part of the Tenie Holmes campus!”


Nominee: Stephanie Koenig, Roberts
Nominated by: Jonathan Armstrong
“Incredible leadership in times of crisis. She picked up the slack for a lot of her grade level until everyone was acclimated and ready to fully move into online teaching.”


Nominee: Jessie Stone, BCHS counselor
Nominated by: Cassie Boyett
“She's just amazing. She loves each and every one of her kids like her very own. She’s always in high spirits and always has the answers. I've learned so much from her in my few years at BCHS. She's helped the nurses more times than I can count. Phenomenal lady. Mamma Stone is just the best!”


Nominee: Salena Rodriguez, Roberts 2nd grade teacher
Nominated by: Naomi Melendez
“I'd like to nominate Salena, our team leader for 2nd grade ELAR. She has really stepped up in a way I’m sure she hadn’t planned in our current situation. She has hosted Zoom meetings and helped to keep everyone on track with planning lessons together and staying calm through it all (even having children of her own to keep on track at home!) She has done a great job and I appreciate her leadership this school year! Way to go Mrs. Rodriguez!”


Nominee: Ashley Hasty, Holmes 4th grade teacher
Nominated by: Ronda Espinosa
“Ms. Hasty has been a great teammate this year. I am so thankful that I had the honor of working with such a strong teacher for my first year. She dealt with a lot this year and never lost her drive to teach our students. I value that and appreciate it deeply. Her strength and grace throughout this school year was something I will always hold onto as I know our students will as well. It takes very strong and courageous people to be great teachers and we are blessed to have Ms. Hasty. I am excited for the future of Tenie Holmes!”


Nominees: BCISD librarians Leslie Gerberman, Holmes; Stacey Mackenzie, BCHS; Martha Johnson, BCJH
Nominated by: Lisa Moya
“I would like to nominate Leslie Gerberman, Stacey Mackenzie, and Martha Johnson for the You've got Heart Award.  These three librarians have worked tirelessly over the last three weeks to prepare over 3,000 Chromebooks for distribution.  They have also helped with all six opportunities for tech pickup - being on hand to check out additional Chromebooks as needed.
Without these ladies, none of this would have been possible.  They have been patient, positive, and gone above and beyond to put technology in the hands of our students. They are well deserving of the You've Got Heart Award!”