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BCISD inducts Distinguished Alumni

Bay City ISD recognized 11 graduates of Bay City High School and Hilliard High School as Distinguished Alumni at a ceremony on Friday, October 30.

The Distinguished Alumni Award is open to any alumnus who graduated from Bay City High School or Hilliard High School and is at least 35 years of age at the time of nomination. Awards for alumni will be given for achievement in various fields of service including, but not limited to, the fine or performing arts, business, education, entertainment, law, medicine, military, philanthropy, politics, public service, religion, scholarship and science. 

The 11 alumni being inducted were welcomed at a reception at the Bay City ISD Administration Building before taking the field at halftime of the Blackcat football game against Needville. Pictures and biographies of the alumni will soon hang in the Administration Building boardroom. 

Honorees this year included:

Penelope Lynn Grebe Bergeron

Robert George Burlingame

Mark Dennard

Shone Gipson

Nate McDonald

David R. Nelson

Garth Oliver

Willie Rollins

Josh Shield

Chris Townsend 

Greg B. Westmoreland

"Our district’s call to action is to equip all BCISD learners to pursue their limitless futures in an ever-changing, global society," said Dr. Marshall Scott III, Bay City ISD Superintendent of Schools. "The men and women joining the ranks of our Distinguished Alumni have realized those futures.

"They’ve broken new ground in science, in medicine, in athletics and in public service. They’ve fought for the rights of others, they’ve dedicated their time to charity and causes and they’ve fought for our nation. Despite the wide variety of their achievements, they all have one thing in common: they started out right here in Bay City, Texas.

"I am so proud to welcome the 2020 Distinguished Alumni Class."

For a full list of inductees and their biographies, click this link for a PDF version of the program from Friday's game.