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BCISD Principals learn from Dr. Michelle Fennick

Principals at Bay City ISD campuses gathered at the BCISD Administration Building Friday morning for leadership development lessons from Dr. Michelle Fennick.

Dr. Fennick is a widely renowned speaker and educational development leader in the Houston area. A fourth-generation educator, Dr. Fennick has served in every level of schools, from teaching second grade to being an assistant principal and later a principal at one of the largest elementary schools in Houston ISD. She has also been a professor at Houston Baptist University. She currently works for Fort Bend ISD, helping to bridge the gap between principals at their campuses. 
In the training at BCISD, the theme was "Who Am I As a Leader?" Dr. Fennick helped principals learn more about themselves and how they lead others at their campuses. 
"There's so much going on in education," she said. "There's House Bill 4545, there's COVID-19, there's contact tracing, there's bullying investigations, there's teacher shortages. A lot of that can be very stressful for our leaders, and we need our leaders, because they impact everyone in the building.
"So today, we're going to step away and take a look at where we draw our strength from as leaders. What are the best practices of leaders so that we can sustain our energy and have the greatest impact?"
The session was filled with free dialogue and exploring different types of leadership.
"The takeaway is, how can they take what they see here and find those individuals in the building that also have the propensity to impact? It's about all of us collectively doing the heavy lifting," Dr. Fennick said. "How do we take those talents, and instead of the principal keeping all of those plates in the air, sharing the load, giving it away to those that have a gift in those areas and being very thoughtful about that."
BCISD Superintendent of Schools Dr. Marshall Scott III praised Dr. Fennick's ability to educate others and said he hopes the training will provide a positive impact on principals.
"This is an ongoing process for principals to continue to grow and build their leadership capacity," he said.