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POSTPONED: Notice of Road Closure

City of Bay City
January 22, 2024
The city of Bay City has an update on a future road closure. This closure is planned for the railway crossing on State Hwy 35 between Ave H and Ave K (the crossing closest to McDonalds).
The dates for the closure are Wednesday, January 31, Thursday, February 1st, and Friday, February 2nd, 2024. “We have worked hard to find the best possible dates to work within BNSF’s construction schedule, and result in the least impact on the community and the traveling public.’ Said Bay City Mayor Robert Nelson.
BNSF reports, “As a company committed to the safety of our employees and the community, BNSF regularly evaluates the condition of rail crossings,” said Kendall Kirkham Sloan, director of external communications. We make repairs where needed and, in some cases, full replacements are scheduled as part of planned maintenance projects. We are grateful for the positive partnership between BNSF, TXDOT and the city of Bay City and we will be working with them to coordinate and carry out this project in the coming weeks.
Weeks of coordination between BNSF, Texas Department of Transportation, and the city of Bay City has resulted in planned detour routes for both light traffic and the bigger heavy haul trucks.
For local vehicle traffic, it is suggested that residents plan on using a city street north or south of the crossing. Streets like 5th, 6th to the south, and 8th street to the north. Residents could choose a further detour around using other routes, like Golden Ave or Marguerite Street.
The 18 wheelers and heavy haul trucks will be required to stay on State Highways and Farm to market roads due to the weight limits on city streets. The suggested route for those trucks is to take them south on State Highway 60 to FM 2668, then east on FM 2668 back into town and then return to State Highway 35. This route will be for east and west bound traffic. Those not familiar with the local city streets are suggested to also take the expanded detour.
Our team has representation from all law enforcement agencies, our city and county leadership teams, and industrial partners continue to meet and discuss expectations and to reduce the impact of this closure.
Signage on State Highway 35 will be in place for at least 7 days to make sure the public is aware of this situation.
“We understand the hardship this 3-day closure will cause our community” said Bay City Police Chief Christella Rodriguez. The replacement will impact the local traffic, heavy haul trucks and the traveling public.
We continue to communicate the closure to all industrial partners and local businesses that have schedules to receive products by heavy trucks around the rail crossing. We will place route information in the area gas stations and truck stops to communicate the closure, this will result in the trucks having the option of re-routing around the detour.
“Communicating with our local industry is very important so they can re-route their trucks to avoid the delays. Our plan calls for constant communication between the trucking industry and the City of Bay City”, said Amanda Campos, Emergency Management Coordinator for Matagorda County.
The community will benefit with the rail crossing being replaced; the time has come for serious action to prevent damage to vehicles. “The traffic counts have increased through town, which causes wear and tear on the roads and the rail crossings. The team believes this is the right time to take these actions, because the traffic counts will continue to increase, the time is now to replace this crossing”, said Bay City Mayor Robert Nelson.
He continued, “Using this team approach will make a difficult situation a little better.”
We ask the driving public to pack your patience during these traffic delays, communicate with your friends and neighbors.
The replacement of this crossing is a top priority and will benefit everyone.