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STATE Bronze Medalist: BCHS One Act Play tells story of human struggle

BCHS One Act Play State 4A Bronze Medalist! State finalist for 3rd consecutive year!
BCHS winning One Act Play shares story of human struggle


The BCHS One Act Play was named the Bronze Medalist at UIL State 4A OAP contest April 12th at the Round Rock Performing Arts Center. This has been another season of the Dungeoneers earning numerous awards all season long.

Awards received at State April 12th:
Bronze Medalist OAP
All Star Cast: Kaylise I
Honorable Mention All Star Cast: Derek N and Erika M

Awards received at Region April 7th:
Region Champs
Best Technical Crew- Branson C, Madison M, Mallory G, Zach H, Carsyn H.
Honorable Mention All Star Cast- Dandee C.
All Star Cast - Kaylise I and Erika M.

Awards received at Area April 3rd:
Best Actress: Kaylise I
All Star Cast: Derek N
Honorable Mention All Star Cast: Erika M
Best Tech: Branson C
Directors of the show are Magda Mirelez, Todd Oncken, Timothy Rhoades and Michael Mirelez.

At Bi-District on March 22nd at Royal High School, individual awards they earned included:
Best Actress – Kaylise I"
All Star Cast – Derek N
Honorable Mention All Star Cast – Erika M, Cristian C, Michael V
Best Crew – Branson C

At UIL District 26-4A contest at BCHS on March 9th, individual award recipients were:
Best Actor - Cristian C
All Star Cast -- Derek N and Kaylise I
Honorable Mention All Star Cast – Erika M, Dandee C
All Star Crew- Branson C

The 2017 BCHS One Act Play, “Tracks,” is an original script written eight years ago by BCHS Theater Director Magda Mirelez. She had to get special permission from UIL to use her script for OAP contest.

“I was motivated to write this piece after the 18-wheeler tragedy in Victora where 19 immigrants died. They were trapped in the tractor trailer and the air-conditioning was turned off,” said Mirelez. Fifty-five survived the May 2003 incident, but the others suffocated to death.

“I was inspired by the impromptu memorial site on Highway 77 near Victoria. Years ago, people left bottles of water at the spot where the tragedy occurred,” Mirelez shared.

The flashback play follows a group of immigrant families crossing the border into Texas.

“I hope people will watch this show from the perspective of human lives, rather than politics,” Mirelez stated before a show earlier this month at BCHS for students. “These are people in difficult situations who’ve made difficult choices in their lives. The show’s about human struggle. These are the stories we should be telling.”

OAP at State full company

Full Company at State

OAP State Acting Award winners

State Acting Award winners: Kaylise I, All Star Cast; Derek N & Erika M, Honorable Mention All Star Cast

OAP directors at State

OAP directors at State - Todd Oncken and Head Director Magda Mirelez. (not pictured: Timothy Rhoades and Michael Mirelez)

OAP tech crew, Region Champs

Region Champ Tech Crew: Madison M, Carsyn H, Branson C, Zach H, Mallory G


scene from OAP, "Tracks"

scene from OAP, "Tracks"

OAP cast and crew and directors at Region

At Region -- Region Champs!