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Ladycat Volleyball lands entire team on All-District All-Academic Team

volleyball photo all-academic

All members of the Varsity Ladycat Volleyball Team were named to the All-District All-Academic team

Renna B, 10th
Alexis M, 9th
Bethany R, 12th
Renata D, 11th
Amy V, 10th
Mercy B, 11th
Megan T, 12th
Haley E, 10th
Diamond H, 12th
Hannah S, 12th
Tianna E, 10th
Hannah C, 11th
Josie M, 10th
Jennifer D, 12th

all district volleyball photo

Newcomer of the Year -- Renata D

Libero of the Year - Jennifer D

1st team - Diamond H, Hannah S

2nd team -- Haley E

Honorable Mention - Renna B, Mercy B, Josie M, Tianna E

Head Coach is Steven Jones.