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BCJH launches new mentor program

photo of BCJH mentors


BCJH launches new mentor program
Donny Stone, BCISD Police Department


Bay City Junior High hosted a “meet and greet” on February 7th to introduce the new mentor program to both the mentors and students they are mentoring at BCJH..

Principal Dollie Coleman heartily greeted and introduced her staff: Associate Principal Rudy Rios, and Assistant Principals Deborah Cooper, Dr. Krystal Christenson,  Laura Leones and Instructional Dean Jessica Estlinbaum. 

Coleman next introduced each mentor in attendance, and each told the group a little about themselves.

Several of the mentors expressed how much being a volunteer for such a deserving program and its students meant to them on a personal level.  A few of the mentors shared that they had been mentored themselves in their younger years, and that their mentors had helped shape and influence their lives. 

The team-approach among the mentors, their mentees, the BCJH staff and Bay City ISD Police Department was evident at this initial gathering.

BCISD staff who have stepped up to mentor include:

Dr. Marshall Scott III, BCISD Superintendent; Chief of Police L. C. Cunningham, Jr; BCISD Police Officer Brandon McNeal and BCISD Police Investigator Christopher Cunningham.

Chief Cunningham, Mentor Program coordinator, next spoke about the role and goals of the mentors and why the program was designed for the male students who need and deserve the support of a caring male figure.  

Dr. Scott thanked the mentors, parents and students for getting involved in making a difference by embracing this program. He assured all that the mentor program will make a difference and have a nurturing effect on the lives of young men.  Finally, Principal Coleman had each Assistant Principal share something about each student (mentee) that was present and then she paired each with their new mentors. The mentors and their new mentees got to then spend some time getting to know each other. 


Mentors at the Meet and Greet at BCJH are pictured l-r:  BCISD Police Chief L. C. Cunningham, Jr.; BCISD Police Officer Brandon McNeal, BCISD Police Investigator Christopher Cunningham, Minister Michael Hebert, Bill Key, Carlos Hernandez, BCISD Superintendent Dr. Marshall Scott III, Shawn Blackburn, Robert Nelson and James Scardami. Those who attended the meeting but aren’t pictured are Lee Krenek and Clint Hewitt.  Other Mentors not able to attend are John O'Neal, Neil Rocha and Brandon Milliff.