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BCJH teachers recognized by









   photo of BCJH teachers who won award

BCJH teachers recognized by


Bay City Junior High teachers Annette Gajewsky and James Nolen were recently recognized by as "Outstanding Digital Literacy Educators" for helping students master their Digital Literacy skills. Working with their students, and completing over 44,000 lessons so far this year, these two educators are both currently in the top 25% of educators in the world.


Gajewsky teaches seventh and eighth grade students. She teaches two high school credit courses, Business Information Management Systems and Principles of Information Technology, as well as Investigating Careers in Computer Science.

According to Gajewsky, “The lessons are a good introduction to many digital literacy topics for my students. They give the students good background information.”


Nolen added that he has learned new things from the lessons that he is using in his classroom.

Nolen teaches mainly sixth grade students in his Touch Data Systems classes, but he also has some seventh and eighth grade students.


“One of the major things my students are learning is patience,” Gajewsky said. “They have to take their time and think through lessons. Like when they are writing code or creating graphics, they have to slow down and not get mad at their computers!”


“Some students have progressed so much In their skill level that they are now able to help one another, and it’s great to see them work together,” Gajewsky noted.